High Security For His Holiness

High Security For His Holiness

The Kruth Talks:
May 5

The Dalai Lama will arrive in Northwest Arkansas on Tuesday, May 10. Two events will be held on May 11.

The first, a panel discussion focused on nonviolence, still has tickets available.

The second, the keynote address by the Dalai Lama sold out the first day tickets were available. Several security measures have been outlined for all attendees. Listed below are a few highlights. For complete details visit dalailama.uark.edu.

  • No cameras, recording devices or computers
  • No backpacks or large purses
  • No food or beverages
  • No fliers, flags or banners

Doors open at 7 a.m. for the panel discussion and noon for the keynote address.

Olivia Sordo Jewelry Closing

After 27 years of business, Olivia Sordo is retiring from her jewelry business and closing the doors to her design studio.

A local provider of distinct and precious jewelry, Olivia will list her inventory on discounted rates until her shop is closed. The last day of operation will be June 30. Repairs will be taken in through the beginning of June.

The store is located at 2367 N. Green Acres Road in Fayetteville.

Gas Cheaper For Cash

Notice that sign glowing neon with an increasing cost for gas? Another thing that should stand out is the word “cash” next to that price.

Most gas stations need to keep a competitive cost margin, particularly as prices rise and people seek out the bargain station, so many pass on some of the fees to the consumer. Most gas stations list one price for cash on the large street sign, but charge 5 to 6 cents per gallon more for debit or credit purchases.

The cost for card purchases is often listed on the pump, so look closely before filling up.

A Kruth Talks Revelation

I shaved my head to save the ta-tas.

Sounds like a T-shirt slogan, but it’s more than that, and it’s more than just for the ta-tas. I did it for the gonads too. I did it to raise awareness in the battle against cancer — all cancers.

Although at first personally satisfied with my soft and fuzzy skull and its subtle similarity to those electric balls at science museums, I became increasingly self-conscious as I went out into public and into my familiar social environment. I contemplated how I would feel if it wasn’t a choice. It’s like adding insult to injury. But a sense of confidence, forced or determined, is eminent with a truly exposed face.

Cancer could be our generation’s AIDS. Our generation may discover the cause and vaccination for this cellular terror. To the survivors, the families of those who have passed away and to the dedicated souls who battle and treat cancer, we are in this together. This is our fight. We will overcome.

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