Get Yer Grub's On … Uptown

Eat It: May 5

Are tasty sides, great staff the cure for a curse?

By Rachel Birdsell
TFW Contributing Writer

Preamble Ramble

Grub’s has recently branched out and opened a second location. It sits in the cursed building in front of Target.

Grub's Uptown location near Target in Fayetteville.

O’Charley’s failed in that location. Meaux Dad’s failed in that location. Will Grub’s be able to break the dreaded restaurant curse? *Dunh, Dunh, DUHN!*

Actually, if anyone can, a Fayetteville establishment can. Besides, the two former restaurants probably failed more due to food rather than evil curse. If the crowded parking lot when I was at Grub’s Uptown is any indication, they’ll definitely be some curse breakers.

Food For Thought

Instead of the normal burger or “bar food” that you think of when you think of Grub’s, I decided to try the chicken fried steak. I added a side of garlic mashed potatoes and grilled veggies.

The chicken fried steak appeared to be of the formerly frozen variety; the breading on it was too uniform for it to have been hand-breaded. But, in its defense, it was actual beef and not a sponge with beef flavor injected like a lot of frozen chicken fried steak patties are, so I could forgive it being frozen — at least a little bit. It was OK. Not anything I’d order again, but it was edible.

The gravy was pretty bland and either came from a mix or from the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to make gravy. It was the kind of gravy that is supposed to be white but was almost translucent, like maybe it was made with water or powdered

The mashed potatoes were chunky and with the skin on — just like I like my men. Seriously, they were amazeballs. Just the right amount of garlic and lots of potato chunks. Mmm mmm! I could have definitely eaten a lot more of them.

The grilled veggies were green beans, broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms, yellow squash and maybe something else I’m forgetting. But everything seemed to be fresh before it was grilled. Loads of flavor and you could actually tell that they’d been cooked over a flame.

If the other side dishes are as yummy as the potatoes and vegetables, I think Grub’s should look into offering a veggie plate. I’d order it every time.

The Sporkcast

(1-5 sporks)

Atmosphere: 3.6 sporks with team pennants on the handle. It is very dimly lit and has an abundance of televisions. The atmosphere is a little too “sports bar” for me, but I think it’s fine for casual business lunches or for watching the game.

Food: 3.95 chunky sporks with flame-kissed tines. The sides made up for the less than stellar chicken fried steak. Grub’s offers a pretty decent selection of burgers, wraps, salads and sandwiches.

Staff: 4.90 Zestfully clean sporks. My server was awesome. He was personable, prompt and laughed at my jokes, and anyone who laughs at my jokes is OK in my book.

Dollars spent: Around $14. Maybe a bit too much if you’re just grabbing lunch, but there are plenty of other things on the menu for much less.

Chance of returning: If I still worked 9-5 and was in the area, I could see stopping in for some mashed potatoes and veggies for a light lunch. I’m not sure I’d go back to on a regular basis, but that’s only because sports bars aren’t usually my choice of places to hang. But, it that’s your thing, I think you’ll totally dig Grub’s Uptown.

If you know of a great eating place, drop me a line at I’ll check it out and let you know what I think.

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