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Chipotle Opening Soon; Sign Gets Some Backlash

By Richard Davis

TFW Staff Writer

A nice spokeswoman from Chipotle left me a phone message about the restaurant opening in the historic train depot — the first for the chain in Arkansas, she said — on May 10.

However, the restaurant will hold a preview on May 9 for University of Arkansas students. The first 500 students with prior ID will get free meals from the biz.

Signs, Signs

The opening of the restaurant, however, is getting a little bit of negative attention. Some Fayettevillians and NWArkies don’t seem to care for the fact that the Chipotle sign on the front of the old depot covers up the word “Fayetteville” on the front of the building.

A Facebook group called “Make Chipotle put the Fayetteville sign back up” had 399 “Likes” about 4 pm on Thursday, May 5. Folks posting in the group were displeased with Chipotle’s choice of sign placement, and some were throwing around the word “boycott.” To be fair, from looking at the building, it appears “Fayetteville” wasn’t taken off the front; the Chipotle sign just rests on top of and completely covers it. However, posters on the page would still like Chipotle to relocate their street-facing sign.

Update: The Facebook group says Chipotle has agreed to move the sign:

“I checked with our team responsible for our Fayetteville location,and they have made the decision to remove the Chipotle sign and relocate it.The original sign was completely protected and is not damaged in any way.We are beginning this process in the next couple of days.Please tell everyone not to worry, the sign is still there!We appreciate your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon! -Ashley-Chipotle”

Your Take

What do you think? Is this the heinous act of a chain establishment that defaces a Fayetteville landmark, are you completely indifferent or do you think some people have too much time on their hands and would protest anything?

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