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Aries Festival

Sunday (Palm Sunday), April 17th, 7:44 pm (west coast), the Aries (Rays 1 & 7) solar full moon Festival occurs. On this day, the Love of God streams into the Earth.

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Power To The Peddle

It’s always nice to see someone who likes what they do for a living, and Jacob Richardson clearly loves his job.

Advice Advice Goddess

This American Strife

This is now what my boyfriend does to “surprise” me. I’m certain I sound like a total creep, but it really isn’t romantic to have your significant other surprise you by doing exactly what he was told.


Correcting Manifest Destiny

The United States stealing Aztlán remains a grievous wound with Mexicans, but it’s not as huge an issue for run-of-the-mill Mexis as Know Nothings or Aztlanistas want you to believe.


Bacon-wrapped Shrimp Wins

After First Thursday, I was tired and ravenous. I needed somewhere to eat where I could get fast, good food. El Sol, which is in the shopping center at the corner of Crossover and Mission, happened to be on the way home.


Triple Yuck!

I couldn’t finish this beer and that is usually not a problem when I’m drinking a Belgian ale.

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Council Agenda Session

Some tidbits from the Fayetteville City Council agenda session on Tuesday, April 12.


Mysterious Actions

In workshop this past week we explored mystery in character.

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Bike Trail Expansion

You may have missed a local scramble to secure $3.2 million of federal grants to construct the Razorback Greenway pedestrian and bike trail that will connect Fayetteville to Bentonville.


Rock-It Festival Panelists

Rock-It Music, a new weeklong event that celebrates live music, will kick off April 25 in Fayetteville.