Rock-It Festival Panelists

New weeklong
Fayetteville music festival

By Susan Porter
TFW General Manager

Rock-It Music, a new weeklong event that celebrates live music, will kick off April 25 in Fayetteville. The event will feature a music business workshop for working and aspiring musicians of all ages on Saturday, April 30 at The Cosmopolitan hotel in downtown Fayetteville, local bands showcasing their work at Fayetteville clubs throughout the week and the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards on Thursday, April 28 at George’s Majestic Lounge.

The workshop panel will be from 10 am to 4 p.m. and feature these panels:  Know-It: Music 101, an overview of what it takes to become a performer, songwriter, organize a band. Are you doing it for fun or business? The good, the bad, the ugly. Record-It, Studio ABC’s. Be prepared. What to know before you go. Finding a studio that’s a fit. What questions to ask. Sell-It, PR & Promotion. How to build your fanbase and get them to your gig using Internet, print and other platforms. Sign-It: Labels,  How it works and what to know. Do you go the DIY route. Book-It, Meet the local booking agents and find out what it takes to get a gig.

The panel will be made up of performers, studio engineers, agents, managers, producers and other music industry veterans who have worked in the major U.S. markets.

Among the panelists:

▲ Andy Green, former production manager and tour manager for REO Speedwagon and The Amazing Rhythm Aces and one of the original founders of Farm Aid.

▲ Eric Schabacker, record label and booking agency founder, studio producer, who help found Full Sail University. He also founded the first 32-track computer assisted recording studio in the U.S.

▲ Charley Burch, artist manager, agent, producer, board member of the Memphis and Shelby County Music Association. Burch will be scouting for artists during his visit to NWA.

▲ Scott Hoffman, engineer and producer of music videos, original scores for radio and TV and Grammy winning engineer.

▲ Peter Read, founder and publisher of Nightflying magazine.

To register for the workshops, get the showcase schedule and vote in the NAMA’s go to

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