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Streets Opened

Days of deluge led the city of Fayetteville to close some streets Monday (April 25), but city crews worked constantly to combat the flooding.

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Bad Weather/Street Closings

Because of really bad weather — i.e., unbelievable neverending rain and thunderstorms — the city of Fayetteville is advising residents to stay off roads or use extreme caution if they must drive.

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Cow Paddy Success

At more than 300 registrants, the Cow Paddy greatly exceeded expectations, and in doing so, raised more than $6,000 dollars for public education.


Nuclear Sound

Margot and the Nuclear So-And-So’s will perform May 3 at the Chi Omega Greek Theatre on the University of Arkansas campus.

8 Days a Week

8 Days: April 22

Events, classes, opportunities, volunteerism, theater & more


Live Music: April 22

Live music and more in Fayetteville & NWA


Artosphere Kickoff

What could be more natural for Fayetteville than a festival celebrating sustainability and artists inspired by nature?


Carmenere – A Happy Accident

After giving Malbec its due praise, it’s time we pay homage to Chile’s accidental love-child, Carmenere. (Not an accident in the way you’re thinking).

In The News

Bush Examined

C-SPAN, professors, experts and Q&A — all centered around a examination of the presidency of George W. Bush.


Fayetteville's Poet Laureate

Mayor Lioneld Jordan honored Miller Williams as Fayetteville’s poet laureate of 2011 during a town hall meeting Wednesday, April 20 on the University of Arkansas campus.