NWA Music Awards

Ceremony, performances take place April 28 at George’s

By Susan Porter

TFW General Manager

Benjamin Del Shreve will be one of the performers at the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards.

Tonight’s (April 28) the night the stars of the Northwest Arkansas music scene will be out in force for the annual event that honors their accomplishments in a Grammy-style ceremony.

Doors to the 16th annual Northwest Arkansas Music Awards will open to the public at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 28 at George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street. The public event will follow a private party for the nominated musicians at 6 p.m. Red carpet interviews with the musicians will take place outside George’s from 6 to 7 p.m.

The event is jam packed with performances by a wide variety of top-shelf local acts including Ashlyn Metheny, Black Pearl, Christmas Fuller Project, Guta, Messy Sparkles, Benjamin Del Shreve, Randall Shreve and 1 Oz Jig. Tickets to the event are $10 at the door.

NAMA Nominees

Rock: Benjamin Del Shreve, A Good Fight, Randall Shreve and the Sideshow, The Good Fear, Silverstone
Blues: RJ Mischo, Earl & Them, Kory Montgomery Band, Devil’s Promenade, Nathan Aronowitz
Indie/Alternative: Where’s Lawrence, Memphis Pencils, Christmas Fuller Project, Messy Sparkles, Hosta
Metal/Hardrock: Perpetual Werewolf, MSG, Fauxnz, Voyageurs, Battle Within
Punk/Hardcore: The Plaid Jackets, Egyptr, The Counterlife, Well, Well, Well
Female Singer/Songwriter: Shannon Wurst, Candy Lee Long, Tiffany Christopher
Male Singer/Songwriter: Jeff Kearney, Wade Ogle, Jovan Arrellano
Female Vocalist in a Band: Bernice Hembree (Three Penny Acre), Tanya Shylock (Mountain Of Venus), Candy Lee Long (Candy Lee and the Sweets), Leah Spears (Leah and The Mojo Doctors)
Male Vocalist in a Band: Jeff Kearney (1 Oz. Jig), Martin Bemberg (Memphis Pencils), Randall Shreve (Randall Shreve and the Sideshow), Eddie Love (A Good Fight), Brian Kupillas (Where’s Lawrence?), Caleb Enyart (Silverstone), Wiley Seeger (Boom Kinetic)
Jam/Funk: The 1 Oz Jig, Guta, Mountain Of Venus, The OneUps
Folk/Bluegrass: Cletus Got Shot, Shout Lulu, 3 Penny Acre, Shannon Wurst, Mountain Sprout
Country: Pope County Bootleggers, Charliehorse, Damn Arkansan, Bobby Drivers, Sarah Hughes Band
Jazz: Fayetteville Jazz Collective, Walter Savage Trio, Skinny Quartet, Hogtown Hot Club, Claudia Burson Trio
Cover Band: Big Uns, Full House, La Fu So, Leah & The Mojo Doctors, The Odds, Uncrowned Kings
DJ: DJ EQ, DJ BIZAR, DJ Derrick, DJ Shortfuze, Baby Armie
Hip-Hop/R&B: T.Jay, Hardaway, The Commoners, Black Pearl, Soundchild Crew
Latin: Nial, Ynzomnio, Boris Silva, Estilo, Neta Band
Spoken Word: Clayton Scott, Houston Hughes, Doug Shields, Zac Henderson.
Best New Artist: Voyageurs, Damn Arkansan, Fauxnz, Black Pearl, Messy Sparkles
Artist of the Year: Boom Kinetic, The Commoners, Where’s Lawrence?, Cletus Got Shot, Randall Shreve and the Sideshow, Benjamin Del Shreve
Album of the Year: Where’s Lawrence? — “The Boy in the Well,” Hosta — “Bearfish,” Cletus Got Shot — “Unamerican,” The Kory Montgomery Band — “The Kory Montgomery Band,” The 1Oz — The 1 Oz Jig, Benjamin Del Shreve — “Sleeping Sweetly,” Boom Kinetic — “Part Gray/Part Bright Light,” Candy Lee and the Sweets — “The Gate,” Shannon Wurst — “What’s More Honest Than A Song?,” The OneUps — “Intergalactic Redux,” Matt Smith Group — “Now Or Never,” Mad Spirits I — “Wade Ogle & The Mad Spirits”
Album Art: Will Collins (Archetype Studios), artwork for The Kory Montgomery Band — “The Kory Montgomery Band;” Sarah Anderson (independent) artwork for various artists — “Art Amiss 13 Music Compilation;” John Moore (Noir33), artwork for The 1 Oz Jig — “The 1 Oz Jig;” Chuck Bame (independent), artwork for The Plaid Jackets — “The Plaid Jackets”
Best Producer/Studio: Adam Putman (Insomniac Studios), Chris Moore (Easthall Studios), Eric Schabacker (Winterwood Studios), Darren Crisp (Crisp), Mike Bailey (Dreamakers)

rockIT Music Week

rockIT Music, a new weeklong event will conclude on Saturday with the rockIT music conference and workshop www.rockitmusicweek.com at the Cosmopolitan hotel in downtown Fayetteville.

On Monday, Mayor Lioneld Jordan proclaimed April 25-30 rockIt music week in honor of all Northwest Arkansas musicians and local music industry personnel. Throughout the week, local clubs have been showcasing performances by local musicians. Tonight, one of the highlights of the events, the 16th annual Northwest Arkansas Music Awards will open to the public at 7 p.m. at George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street.

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