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Family Friendly


Area Northwest Arkansas nonprofit organizations provide community residents important services 365 days of the year. Here’s a chance to help them help others.


A Hidden Delight

A hugely huge thank you to the reader who let me know about Columbiamex. I will forever be
grateful for her suggestion of such a great place to eat.


¡ASK A MEXICAN!: Special Navidad Edition

At this stage in life, I have lots of extra stuff — household items, dishes, clothes, toys (my three boys are older) and stuff you’d put on a garage sale, except I don’t do garage sales. What’s a tactful way to say, “I have a load of my used crap and you’re welcome to take it if you want?”

Advice Advice Goddess

An Unfair To Remember

In middle school, I got a crush on “Sam,” but he wasn’t interested. In high school, he took me to prom, but only as friends when none of the other girls he asked said yes.