Dreaming Of A Yellow Christmas

Imagine paid parking at the Post Office on Dickson Street

By Bruce Walker

TFW Contributing Commentator

Imagine what would happen if it actually was paid parking at the Post Office on Dickson Street.
Imagine the flow of traffic to the Post Office in north Fayetteville. Imagine the indignation of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, children and politicians due to that, especially at Christmas. You have to get in and get out in a timely manner or receive a bright yellow ticket for $15.
I guess the paid parking on Dickson Street is Walton’s way of driving people out of Fayetteville and/or driving/keeping them north. I’m sure they appreciate the help from Mayor Jordan and the City Council. God bless the Walton Arts Center and throw everyone else in the ditch.
One customer said “My wife and I just don’t come down here. They are trying to ruin Fayetteville and doing a damn fine job of it.” As Winston Churchill said “It’s a dog eat dog world, and I’ve got bigger teeth than you.”
Last week, I observed the meter maid merrily decorating cars on both sides of the street with bright yellow $15 tickets.
Wow sushi is closed. Sunrise Cafe (Dickson Street location) shut down. Who’s next? Won’t it be great when classic spots such as Jose’s and George’s are forced to close their doors?
Joe L. Dickson is dead. I guess when nothing is left we can change the name to Walton Arts Street.
The time to do something is right now. “The Arkansas State Constitution protects the people’s right to petition their county and municipal governments. Fifteen percent of the legal voters of any municipality or county may order the referendum or invoke the initiative upon any local measures. In municipalities, the number of signatures required upon any petition shall be computed upon the total vote cast for the office of mayor at the last preceding general election.”
So, ho ho ho, merry Christmas. I hope you like bright yellow.

▲ Bruce Walker is the owner of Flying Possum Leather on Dickson Street in Fayetteville.

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