What The…?!!: Spot the doofus

(Staff Photo: Richard Davis) Playing a new game called "Spot the Doofus" at the Fayetteville Trading Post on College Avenue.

Whoa. Hold on. Just wait a minute.
Before you pick up the phone to dial the Free Weekly office line, take a deep breath and listen:
“It’s just a little horsing around.”
Sarcasm is a good tool for getting a laugh or making a point, but sometimes it backfires. If the reader thinks the writer is being serious, well, tempers can flare and the opposite of the intended effect occurs.
So, just in case, in no way am I advocating that the period of the year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day should be devoted strictly to shopping and rampant consumerism without any altruistic thoughts for your fellow man or wishes to pursue a higher calling towards peace and meaning. It’s a joke, a jape, a lark, a bursting of the balloon I just couldn’t resist making.
From November through December every pundit, pontificater and pretty much anyone within earshot will be droning on and on about the spirit of the season and discussing how we should have Christmas in our hearts 365 days a year. Meanwhile, millions are stocking up on wine for guests, ransacking stores to buy one more Wii gaming station and purchasing cartloads full of Blu-Ray discs and CDs.
So take the story titled “PRESENTS!!! Embracing the true spirit of the season — shopping” with a grain of salt and maybe a laugh. And when you’re out looking for an Xbox Kinect or picking out a pair of Uggs, don’t forget to drop some cash in the Salvation Army bucket. At the grocery story, pick up some extra to give to the NWA Food Bank. See if you can fill some needs at the Seven Hill Homeless Shelter or volunteer with Meals on Wheels.
If you were mad for even a second at the jocular nature of the gift guide, realize there are far more valuable ways to spend your time this season than with an angry phone call.
Happy holidays to all!

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