Signs O' The Times

Signs O' The Times

Everywhere I went this past week, there was a sign that either amused me or annoyed the crap out of me. So, being a good citizen — and drawing a blank on anything worthwhile to write — I thought I’d share some useless musings and visuals.

No. 1

1. Sigh, do I even have to explain why this one is annoying? In case you’re not seeing it, the bottom of the sign reads Palin-Jindal 2012. Maybe there’s something to that whole Mayan calendar end-of-the-world hoopla.

No. 2

2. Dickson Street businesses want to make it an absolute certainty that you know parking is free every day until 2 p.m. in the Entertainment District. These signs were EVERYWHERE along the strip.

No. 3

3. Heh, heh, this one gave me a nice chuckle. As a friend of mine often says “*snork*.” Sorry, Ned Beatty, but this is just plain funny.

No. 4

4. Once more, Fayetteville’s Purple ’Dogs are in the mix for a state title in football. Apparently the Bulldogs are also “da bomb.” For shizzle, as the kids would say!

No. 5

5. Am I the only one who doesn’t get these “bike lane” displays painted on some of Fayetteville’s narrower streets? Admittedly, I’m extremely nervous about riding a bicycle along a street, even if it is wide enough to accommodate both automotive vehicles and pedal-powered contraptions (Speaking of wide, I haven’t been riding my bicycle anywhere as of late, as my ever-expanding butt will attest to. Sigh). This “watch-out-for-bike-riders” street sticker does nothing to comfort me that I’m any safer with it than without it. Luckily, I can and do (when actually riding, sigh) stick to the city’s fantastic trail system with nary a worry or care in the world. Thank you, city!

No. 6

6. Not to pick on city-sponsored signage, but I really despise being told how easy something is, especially when it just doesn’t seem as simple as it should be. I have a particularly bad time using these Block Street reverse angle parking spots at night (I must be getting old).
I do have to give points though: It’s definitely easier when pulling out.

No. 7

7. This sign outside Common Grounds on Dickson Street just made me chuckle and think of the “No Dogs Allowed” song from the Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang cartoon “Snoopy Come Home.”
Dog-friendly though the community of Fayetteville may be, this particular kibosh on canine companions makes all too much sense. Well behaved or not, our furry four-legged friends sometimes can’t help themselves if, say, a beefy Bigger Dipper sandwich were to be left unattended for a second or two.
My mini-Pinscher, Dash — admittedly not completely well behaved, although aptly named — can and has launched himself at warp speed toward an unattended plate and snagged a quick meal. Before you can open your mouth to reprimand him, *schlurp* your burger is gone. I shudder to think how he might behave at an actual restaurant.

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