Irish Red Hits In The Middle

Irish Red Hits In The Middle

Danny's Irish Style Red Ale from Moylan's Brewing Co. (STAFF PHOTO: J.T. WAMPLER)

Wamp’s Wisdom

Danny’s Irish Style Red Ale is a 6.5 percent alcohol offering from Moylan’s Brewing Company in Novato, Calif.
It pours a hazy copper red with a white head that falls fairly quickly and leaves no lacing. Aroma is fruity and metallic like mandarin oranges. Taste is almost sweet and buttery with just enough of a hop presence to make it balanced. It finishes smooth and malty with barely a tingle of an aftertaste.
Overall this is a tasty ale but nothing remarkable. Of all of Moylan’s ales that I’ve tried, I like this one the least. It’s not a bad beer, just not something I really want to drink 22 ounces of by myself. I’d include it in a tasting flight as an example of an Irish red ale.
Pair with an Irish classic called Colcannon, made traditionally with mashed potatoes, kale or cabbage, butter, salt and pepper with milk, cream, leeks, onions, chives, garlic and boiled ham or bacon.
Rating: 3 caps

Rico’s Reaction

This Irish red from Moylan’s was like a pleasant visit from an old friend who you find better, wittier and more attractive than ever.
I poo-pooed my friends’ attempts to get me to drink beer for quite a while in college. When I finally began to relent, Killian’s Irish Red was the first brew to really take hold on my palate.
This ale was like revisiting those days only to find an improved version of that early friend. Normally I’m put off by a sweeter tasting beer, but the full body and caramel overtones here hit the spot nicely.
Rating: 3.5 caps

Rating system

One Cap: Put it back in the horse!
Two Caps: Consume only if the other choice is Tijuana tap water or Coors Light.
Three Caps: Acceptable without standing out. The Tito Jackson of beer, if you will.
Four Caps: Nice beer that rises above most but may not deliver enough to be considered great.
Five Caps: Truly great beer that delivers on all counts. A credit to its style. Could only be better if served by scantily clad concubines.
Six Caps: Any five cap beer served by scantily clad concubines.

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