HIV Testing

HIV Testing

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Yesterday — Wednesday, Dec. 1 — was World AIDS day. In recognition, the NWA Center for Equality offered free and confidential HIV testing. As part of its new NWA HOPE program (HIV/AIDS Outreach and Prevention Education), the center will continue to offer free HIV testing by appointment on Mondays. Contact or call 888-391-9222 for more information.

Homeless Vigil

Every year, the Fayetteville High School Student Council hosts an all night vigil at the FHS campus to increase recognition for the homeless. Tonight, beginning at 5 p.m., students will camp out in cardboard boxes and accept food and monetary donations.
Notoriously, this is almost always a freezing night and tonight will be no different. Warmth will be provided only by blankets and a fire in a barrel. The students will remain until the $10,000 goal is met. You may pledge to the vigil by e-mailing Vance Arnold, the FHS Student Council sponsor at The Student Council will mail you an invoice for your pledge.
Fundraising will continue throughout the semester, and an anonymous donor — through the Fayetteville Area Community Foundation — has offered to match dollar for dollar any amount raised beyond $10,000. The benefits will aid the school district’s Families in Transition program.

History Channeling

The Fayetteville Public Library is launching the first part of a two-year project to document the history of Fayetteville. On Saturday, Dec. 4 from 1 to 4 p.m. the library will conduct a public scanning session. Residents can bring in their old photographs and have them scanned on site. The library will catalog the images into a digital collection and some will be used in the upcoming documentary “Up Among the Hills: The Story of Fayetteville.”

Sun Power

The University of Arkansas installed 48 solar panels on the roof of the HPER (Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building) to help heat its Olympic-sized swimming pool. The university’s website reported it expects to produce more than half of the energy needed and reduce utility bills by $4,000.
The UA was able to implement these energy saving methods through a
$23.9 million contract with Energy Systems Group.

Going Bowling

Although the Razorbacks won’t know until Sunday, Dec. 6 at which bowl game they will be playing, fans can place their bets and sign up for tickets today and tomorrow at Follow the headline “Pre-order Your Bowl Tickets,” pay a $10 processing fee and await the announcement. It was announced that if Auburn wins against South Carolina on Dec. 4, the Razorbacks could be invited to the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 4 in New Orleans. Tickets begin at $140 each. If you need a more personal reason to root for the Tigers, defensive end Jake Bequette’s brother, Sam, attends Auburn. Good enough for me! I’ll be watching at 3 p.m. on CBS.

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