Around Them Interwebs

I go through periodic bursts where I rediscover the potential for infinite entertainment in the strands of electronic spider silk known as the Internet, or as a few friends sometimes jokingly call it, The Interwebs. Here’s some of the tidbits that produced a chuckle recently.

Local Yokels

From the twisted, deviant musings of a couple of local talents comes the loopy advice of “Your law enthusiast specialists and more” at “How Illegal Is It?” ( “Jeff” and “Collette” are willing to answer any number of oddball questions with equally oddball and often questionable advice.

Breakfast Food

The Oatmeal” — featuring comics, quizzes, stories, yada, yada — is another delicious Interwebs treat, though if you peruse it during breakfast you may find Lucky Charms and milk shooting out of your nose.
A delight on the site ( was recently pointed out to me in a comic drawn series called “Minor Differences.” One example illustrated surprising your lady friend with a hug from behind and uttering “Hey, snookums. Gootchie goo! Hee-hee!” The scenario plays out differently when it shifts to surprising your man friend with a hug from behind.

Button Masher


For enthusiasts of video and video games, comedian Dara O Briain regales the audience with a story of his trials trying to master Xbox and PlayStation controllers in this YouTube clip ( The jokester apparently had exceptional difficulty with “Metal Gear Solid,” leading covert operative Solid Snake to his death on numerous occasions while trying to jump and crouch simultaneously. “Snaaaaaaaaaaake!!!”

Angle’s Dangle

It’s become a tradition for tales of incompetence, wackiness and/or tomfoolery to come out following losing candidates bid in high-profile political races. Think of all the hoopla John McCain’s camp dished out about Sarah Palin following the failed presidential race.
This time the trash talk is being dished out regarding Sharron Angle’s closest adviser, Terry Campbell, following her loss to Sen. Harry Reid in Nevada. The story at ( paints a picture of incompetence that one insider described as a sequal to “Dumb And Dumber.”

Watch Those Hands!

The Transportation Security Administration — supposedly making the country’s flights safer — has been slammed recently with stories that sound more like a back seat grope session than a pat down and accusations that the full body image scanners being employed zing you with way more X-rays than initially revealed.
Mocking an otherwise serious situation, rapper Michael Adams has a little ditty and video for the TSA with “Don’t Touch My Junk.” A link to the song and video — which can be viewed for free — can be found at

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