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8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Pea Ridge Mule Jump — Oct. 9; 10/10/10 Climate Action Day — Oct. 10

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▲ Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, feeling under-respected academically, commissioned an in-state firm to create a direct-mail campaign highlighting the many benefits of a Drake education. The pitch to potential students, which was rolled out in September in brochures and on Drake’s website, is called the “Drake Advantage” and is graphically represented (curiously, for an academic institution) as “D+.”



The Best Vistas For Altered Perceptions (hypothetically speaking) Disclaimer: The Free Weekly does not encourage its readers to violate the laws of the land, including smoking, snorting or otherwise ingesting

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Liberty Bell Symbol For Mental Health

MHA To Hold Sixth Annual Candlelight Vigil Oct. 3 By Ginny Masullo TFW Contributing Writer In 1909 a recovered mental patient, Clifford Beers, formed the National Committee for Mental Hygiene.

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Best Buy waging war on GameStop

Big Retailers Laying The Smack Down On Specialty Chains By Mark Taliaferro TFW Contributing Writer Video games have always been readily available at several stores, such as Walmart and Best