What The … ?!!!

What The … ?!!!


I’m still reeling from the Hogs’ loss to the No. 1 team in the nation (oh so close) and the fact that my Kansas City Chiefs are currently 3-0 in the NFL. So I have nothing but a couple of scatterbrained tidbits this week.

New Column … Uh Oh

Yep, we’re trying out a new nationally syndicated column this week in the Freekly. Some of you might remember what happened the last time we introduced a column. Ugh.
This one is far less likely to cause blushing or steam to come out of the ears, though at first glance the title may strike some as offensive. “Ask a Mexican,” written by the OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano, is a semi-humorous, semi-serious look at perceptions (and misperceptions) regarding Hispanic stereotypes and culture. From the website:
“I’m Gustavo Arellano. I was born in Anaheim, California, to a tomato canner and an illegal immigrant. My ¡Ask a Mexican! column won the 2006 Association of Alternative Newsweeklies award for the best column in a large circulation weekly. I’m a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times and have appeared on Today, Nightline, NPR’s On the Media, The Situation with Tucker Carlson and The Colbert Report. I also mow lawns for $15 – $10 if I get a water break.”
My own feelings about this column are fairly neutral. I’ll be interested to see the community’s reaction. Offended? Laughing? Bored? Indifferent? Excited? You make the call.

Just To Be Clear

The Free Weekly does not endorse breaking the law — whether that means attacking parking meters or smoking a joint.
Personally, I’m not a user, but I fail to see why the U.S. continues to waste resources and time on this issue. Legalize marijuana and tax and regulate it just like alcohol and cigarettes. Take some of the tax revenue and funnel it into health care and treatment centers to help those who do have addictions instead of incarcerating or marginalizing those people.

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