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Purple Glow At The Show

Sound Tribe Sector 9 or STS9, known for their psychedelic instrumental funk paired with a spiritually moving light show, is allowing TFW to distribute purple glow necklaces at the AMP during the pre-show event from 6 to 7:30 p.m. today (Sept. 2) at the Freekly party tent. Apparently in an effort to distinguish themselves from raves, the band usually prohibits glowing objects being brought into their performance venues. Thanks for making an exception in this case.


A new form of transportation was seen on the streets of downtown Fayetteville over the weekend.
Pedicabs are two-wheeled carts attached to a bicycle, like the human cabs seen frequently in the streets of southeast Asia. Current fares are $1 per person, tips accepted. Just another sign NWA is an emerging metropolis.

Women’s Football

Little Rock is bringing the Women’s Football Alliance to Arkansas. One of 40 teams in the nation, this is full-pad, full-contact football. Tryouts will be at MacArthur Park in Little Rock on Saturday, Sept. 11 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Shewmaker Center at NWACC

NWACC expands again with the opening of the Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development. Part of this program includes the Tyson Foods Culinary Learning Center and J.B. Hunt Transport Services Transportation and Logistics Institute.


School’s back so let the attempt at boozing begin again.
It’s no surprise that 18-year-olds just released from the observation of their parents will wander the streets in search of uninhibited freedom. They will readily discover its not just their parents who make rules — it’s a fact of life. (What did ya think? Your parents are part of a secret coalition intent on enslaving youth to prohibit all enjoyment?)
Be aware: the police are out in force, working bar doorsteps as bouncers, posing as underage patrons and working the liquor store counters to bust fake IDs and underage consumers.

FHS Phase 2

There was a reported small turnout at the information session for the FHS millage proposal. Was it because it was held at the First Presbyterian Church (do I have to point out the irony — is separation of church and state a dying principal?) or because voters are decided?
The Sept. 21 vote will ask property owners to sacrifice an average $4.50 a month. The Fayetteville Chamber has announced support of the latest millage proposal increase.
The progress of the renovations of FHS are under way, and the opportunity for this funding of Phase 2 won’t likely be presented again.
We can hold resentment for the failure of decision on Phase 1 — not accepting the UA bid (when it was on the table, it should’ve been taken, not slept on) and not building a new high school in a new location (our kids will attend a construction site for the next 3 years).
The rubble from Bates still lies on location, and don’t even get me started on the parking and asking for too much on the first millage proposal (it’s hard to say it was a well executed plan and a fair price when area schools did the same for half as much).
We could dwell on that and try to hold the board accountable for it’s shortfalls, but that will only cut us off at the knees.
It’s like voting for a president, often choosing the lesser of two evils and hoping he lives up to some of the claims he makes. We have to vote, and since we’re halfway down this path laid, we should aim to complete the journey.

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