What The … ?!!!

Dan Savage will not appear here again.

Repeating: “Savage Love” = GONE from TFW.

Dan’s column last week left little middle ground among Freekly readers. Folks either enjoyed it, or they loathed it. LOATHED. IT.

Those voices that loathed it convinced me I’d made a grave mistake — one I openly apologize for.

Since being lucky enough to be named editor, I’ve looked for ways to add new things to the TFW mix while building on the tradition that makes the Freekly so great. Why not add a little paprika to the dish instead of just salt and pepper? Unfortunately, “Savage Love” ended up being more like force-feeding habanero peppers to a man with three ulcers.

In the course of experimenting with new content and ideas, the decision was made to give the column a shot with our readers. As anyone who’s spent time in a chemistry lab will tell you, some experiments produce an awful stink and some end up blowing up in your face. This experiment was closer to a mushroom cloud.

So once again, I apologize — sincerely and earnestly. There is a line, and you — the readers — let me know I crossed it. Jumped over and kept on running, even.

TFW is going to continue to try new things. Some you may love. Some may irritate you. But I promise you, NOTHING will approach the frank (many said vulgar, foul, pornographic, depraved) sexual discussion in “Savage Love.” I’ve got a 10-foot pole ready and waiting.

For those readers who did enjoy their exposure to “Savage Love,” the column can still be read. It appears on the website of Seattle’s The Stranger where it can be viewed — privately and appropriately — by only those eyes interested in it.


I also owe an apology to Don Marr, the Fayetteville mayor’s chief of staff, for not returning his call last week. I was busy and preoccupied with other matters, but that’s a real weak sauce excuse. It was unprofessional of me and won’t happen again.

However, I have to take issue with the accusation left in the voicemail that The Free Weekly sounded a call to arms for vandalism with it’s “Beat The Met.. Or Pay To Play?” story and photos. The Freekly has the utmost respect for Don and his contributions to the city, but getting steamed over a photo illustration of a sledgehammer that DID NOT strike a parking pay station … well, I’ve got some Zoloft you could borrow.

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