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Welcome to the all-new, all different TFW!

We’re pushing things to the Xtreme® and living on the edge. In your effin’ face! Look out, grandpa! This ain’t yer grandmother’s Freekly …

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OK, seriously, this is the revised, revamped and otherwise relaunched Fayetteville Free Weekly — now just The Free Weekly — as we move to embrace a more regional approach. (Don’t worry, Fayetteville, baby girl, you’ll still get plenty of love.)

Some quick answers:

  • The awesome, amazing, phenomenal, cool Susan Porter is not gone. She’s now TFW’s general manager and vital — VITAL — to this pub. Thanks, Susan, for starting something wonderful back in 1994.
  • I didn’t choose the new name. TFW? Seriously? Sing along with the jingle: “Everybody needs a little TFW!” For some interesting definitions regarding TFW, go to The Yoda one is pretty good.
  • What’s new? Well, it looks different already, right? You’ll see some new features — WTF?!!!, Eat It, Play — in this issue with more to come in the . The biggest difference coming? Beefed up news coverage in a style you won’t see in the daily newspapers or on TV.
  • Many of the old favorites are still here: Pet of the Week, Risa’s Astrology, Advice Goddess. Some of the others, well … If the cuts have you so hacked off you’ve already cracked a molar with clenched jaw, write in. Let me hear it. Or if you love the changes, get to clickity-clackin’ and push the send button already. Seriously, people, let’s get a dialogue going. I want feedback!
  • Yes, ladies, I am single.

When I interviewed for this job, I told my bosses I wanted to run with the Freekly’s tradition and take it to the next level. Offer news coverage with some bite and some humor. Dig deep into the community — really see what people are doing in art, music, charity work, etc. Serve it all up in a pretty, redesigned package with a bigger presence on the Web and in social media. Maybe even *gasp* add VIDEO to the website.

The truth is I took the gig because I figured I could get them n a company-paid iPhone. Which they did. Suckers.

But with a great smart phone comes great responsibility, so I’m going to be out there every day, busting my ass and trying to bring the best content possible to the loyal lovers of the Freekly and maybe even bring in some new eyeballs.

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

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