New Residential Solar Power System Largest In Area

The largest known residential rooftop solar power system in Arkansas and the South Central U.S. was recently installed on a Fayetteville home.

“Roadrunner,” a 21-kilowatt solar power system, was installed by Trem|Wel Energy, a Fayetteville-based renewable energy and energy efficiency development company, working with Rocky Grove Sun Company and Besser Electric two other Northwest Arkansas energy companies. The system is on the home of William Conner.

The 1,800-square-foot 99 photovoltaic module net-metered grid-tied array, supplies power to the home and a 48-volt, 4,600-pound battery backup system providing 64 usable kilowatt-hours.

The unit is expected to produce approximately 27,000-kilowatt hours of electricity a year, more than twice the average

Arkansas household’s annual consumption.

TremlWel also has other renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in development. Stephan Pollard of Fayetteville is the CEO of Trem|Wel.

“The supply of solar radiation necessary to produce electricity in Arkansas and the rest of the U.S. is virtually untapped,” Pollard said.

“Roadrunner” is named after the installation’s first avian visitor. The Conner residence is on Pierce Mountain in the Hyland Park neighborhood.

It is best viewed from the south on East Stone Mountain Drive in the Stone Mountain neighborhood off Arkansas 265.

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