Letter: Clothes Make The Man

Billy the kid as investment banker
Jesse James as high financier
Goldman/Sachs were Butch and Sundance
How the hell did they ever get here?

First they got them an up east education
Met all the right people to boot
Then finally the “piec de resistance”
A three-piece Brooks Brother’s suit.

Armed with only a golden parachute
To escape in the wink of an eye
They rob us now by the millions
Devouring the Capitalist pie.

The sociopaths that use violence
We hunt down and lock them away.
But wear a Brooks Brothers suit
We’ll forgive and call it a stray.

So remember when you sing the praises
Of free market “laissez faire”
After suits destroyed our economy
Socialism was used to repair.

John Allendorfer, Fayetteville

Categories: Features