Army of Birds Releases First CD

After six years, dozens of shows, and a 2009 NAMA nomination, NWA band Army Of Birds has put out their first EP, “Fight Or Flight.” The five-song release has sounds of rock and alternative and was recorded in an afternoon and contains no editing or instrument overdubs. Vocals were dubbed because of recording space limitations, but are single takes.

Tom McFetridge, the group’s lead guitarist and 14-year Ozark Film and Video engineer, has spent countless hours recording “take after take” of overdubbed, tuned, “squeaky clean” tracks for other projects. He said the band wanted to do the project live to have the “live energy.”

The group is in initial discussions with an international distributor from the U.K. The EP is available locally at Sound Warehouse and online at iTunes, Napster, eMusic and Amazon.

Army of Birds will have a CD release party on June 25 at Restaurant on the Corner and will play George’s on July 24.

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