Tiffany Christopher

Artist of the Week

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar/ Electric Guitar/Electric Bass/Vocals

Day job: Part-time server at Greenhouse Grille

First performance: The first time I performed was in seventh grade. I had to wear a Santa costume and perform a little number about Christmas. Seventh grade, I was nervous, but it turned out great! Ma & Pa were so proud.

Favorite performance: My band and I have had so many great performances over the years. Recently the band played in Kansas City and my former lead guitarist, Casey Ciesla, sat in with us. He passed away two weeks later from cancer. So, that performance sticks out to me very strongly right now. It was special for all of us.

Band members: Teddy Sablon, lead guitar; Robin Rues, bass; Christian Mara, drums.

Type of music: Edgy Pop-Jazzy Rock-Funk Twang. Depends on which song you’re listening to.

Originals or covers? I’ve written more than 80 originals and mostly that is what my band and I play. We cover Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Led Zeppelin, Teddy Sablon, Candy Lee, etc.

Sounds like: Epic like Heart meets the vibe of Sheryl Crow with G-Love & Special Sauce mixed in. A lot of people compare my style to Jason Mraz.

Songwriter’s muse: The human condition; dealings of the heart and the beautiful people and world around me.

Influences: Indigo Girls, who I am opening for May 26 at The AMP; Jeff Buckley, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Black Crowes and the philosophy and groove of Bob Marley.

Accomplishments: GO Magazine Solo Artist of the Year 2006. Have been nominated twice for NAMA Best Female Songwriter. I’ve opened for/played with so many amazing musicians which I feel to be an accomplishment and honor.

What kind of crowd do you draw: My music and message is about bringing people together so our crowd is filled with all kinds of amazing people who love music and gettin’ down.

Any albums: “Alpha” released 2004. “Raw/Acoustic” released 2008. “Tiffany Christopher” EP released 2010.

Backstage ritual: Stretching. I do a lot of high kicks on stage. Writing a set list with the band or my manager. And finally vocal warmups, of which the band loves to make fun of me.

Funniest or strangest thing that ever happened during a performance: TCB, Tiffany Christopher Band, was playing at George’s. It was a busy night, everyone was having a ball. One of our favorite local musicians was having maybe too much fun. He decided to rock out on stage and then stage dive head first, only no one on the floor wanted to catch him. He was all right, so it was really funny and the band had a hard time keeping the song going.

Plans: To record a few more songs at Ardent Studios with Pete Matthews and shop the songs to major or indie labels, and also license my songs for movies or television. I plan to one day move to L.A. where I can focus more on licensing.

Goals: Write musical scores for great films and travel as far and wide as my future Prevost Bus will take me and mine.

New projects: A new full-length album called “WorkHorse” which is in the works at Daybreak Studios in Lawrence, Kan. I am also revamping my website and social media networking with Daniel Gold’s assistance. Will be headed back to Ardent Studios in Memphis to record as soon as financially possible.

If you could open for anyone, who would it be? If it could be anyone … Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin back when they were on tour promoting Led Zeppelin III. Also, I have always dreamed of opening for the Indigo Girls, so May 26 will be a dream come true for me.

Last CD purchased: The Avett Brothers “I and Love and You”

Most played songs on your iPod? Avett Brothers “Murder in the City,” Jenny Lewis “Acid Tongue,” Brandi Carlile “Touchin the Ground,” Steely Dan “Back to School”

Website: which has a complete list of all my upcoming shows and tours.

Upcoming shows and tours:

May 26: 7 p.m. Opening for Indigo Girls at The AMP

May 28: 7 p.m. Landry’s, Fort Smith

May 29: 10 p.m. Waxy O’Shea’s, Branson

June 3: Wakarusa opening the festival

June 4: 9 p.m. Wakarusa Backwoods Stage with TCB

June 15: Herman’s Steakhouse

June 27: 2 p.m. Fayetteville Public Library

June 27: 6 p.m. Mellow Mushroom

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