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The Kruth Talks

By Amber Kruth

The University of Arkansas Sustainability Center has launched a program called Ecological Communities. This community-orientated agenda introduces the idea that if we monitor our usage and reward those who minimize their carbon footprint, we will be more conservative with our energy use. The aim is to have households and businesses in Fayetteville “make a pledge” to monitor their energy use. This pledge costs nothing and provides participants the resources to track and observe their ecological impact of electricity, gas, water and waste. Learn more about this trendsetting campaign at

The health care debate is far from over. Many states are pledging lawsuits and constitutional opposition to the newly passed health care reform. Although Arkansas has not passed such measures, a grassroots organization, largely known for its Tea Party activities, Secure Arkansas, has pledged to file a federal lawsuit against the clause that mandates all Americans’ purchase health care or be fined by the government. Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and Gov. Mike Beebe have been targeted for not endorsing the cause to declare this health bill unconstitutional. McDaniel turned down the measure based on ambiguities and misleading dialogue in the proposed amendment.

Confused about who’s who and what’s what and when the elections are? Check out, the Arkansas “how-to” guide to voting. This site gives information about registering, candidate information and more.

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