ROTC Is Open, Cash for Appliances

The Kruth Talks

By Amber Kruth

ROTC Rocks On

With the contributions of the community, the Restaurant on the Corner (ROTC) has reopened. After a December fire nearly burned the uninsured building down, employees and devoted customers showed up to get the place cleaned up and rebuilt. Though the bar is still in need of some TLC, the restaurant is open for lunch, Sunday brunch, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday night dinner.

Energy Star Rebate

Starting March 15, Arkansas has $2.7 million available for the “Cash for Appliances” program through the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Upgrade your old clunker of an appliance to a new Energy Star rated appliance and you won’t only see the healthy returns in your electric bill, but will also get a check in the mail. Some fine print: The old appliance must be recycled or hauled away and documentation of this is needed to receive the rebate, only one appliance per category can be claimed and it must be bought in a store that’s participating in the program. Arkansas has set the incentive at $125 for refrigerators, $175 for washers and $200 for hot water heaters.

Compost For Sale

The city of Fayetteville Compost Facility has compost available for $20 plus tax per scoop. Residents are allowed to buy a maximum of two scoops. Each scoop is 2 cubic yards and about 1,000 pounds. The site at 1708 S. Armstrong Road is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8 a.m. to noon the first two Saturdays of each month.

YRCC Garden Program Gets Award

One of the recipients of the National Gardening Association/Home Depot Grant is the Yvonne Richardson Community Center’s Kid Crops gardening program. One hundred organizations across the country were recognized for their programs dedicated to youth gardening. The $500 Home Depot award will help install a soaker system and an outdoor portable kitchen at the center.

Therapeutic Program of the Year

Fayetteville won other recognition for its gardening involvement with the Community Garden Program. The Arkansas Recreation and Parks Associate deemed the 10-week program coordinated by the Fayetteville Community Garden Coalition as Therapeutic Recreation Program of the year. The curriculum included design and construction, soil preparation and sustainability of the community garden. No news yet if there will be a repeat gathering, but this should be an annual event.

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