Good Dog

One of Dog’s favorite places in NWA got a nod in the latest edition of Garden & Gun. The oh-so-southern mag had a write up on independent booksellers, among those mentioned … the Dickson Street Bookshop, that bastion of used book treasures. The article was written by poet Beth Ann Fennelly, who was in F’ville when she was completing her MA at the UA. It’s been a while back.

Speakin’ of a while back … after Jeff Bridges won the best actor Oscar, it got Dog to thinkin’ about the time that the entire Bridges family was havin’ breakfast at the now torn down Bogey’s in Fayetteville. Maybe Dog jus dreamt that, but he’s thinkin’ it was real. Would have been back in the ’70s or early ’80s. Anybody else remember that?

Ah them good ole days … remember when the Restaurant on The Corner and The Grill were on Dickson Street? Remember when they moved out to the old Susie Wong restaurant on 112 to make room for gentrification of Dickson? Remember when the ROTC and The Grill burned, like bad, and with no insurance and had to close down? If you don’t remember that one, where ya been? That just happened last year. Well the good news is, the place is open once again and lookin’ fine. People love that place so much, a bunch of em spent hours of their own time helpin’ the owner get the place reopened. Cleanin’ it up and paintin’. Now that’s community. Good Dog to all you good folks.

That’s cool … the Walton Art Center has a lil’ construction project goin’ on in the former gallery space on the east side of the lobby. They’re puttin’ a door in so the space can open onto the rose garden. Good idea.

Dog hears Adam Fire Cat is in the runnin’ again. The former mayoral candidate has signed up to run for Senate. Run Cat Run.

Now bouncin’ back to the movie awards. The movie “Precious” took home a couple awards and Sapphire the author of the book “Push” that the film was based on will be in town April 20 for a talk at the Fayetteville Public Library.

Bad Dog

Now it’s time for Dog to rag on the city. This is something Dog’s ragged on before, so it’s somethin’ the current administration inherited, but dang it … fix it! Dog’s talkin’ about two historic bridges that are even on the historic register that look like dog do. Those beautiful concrete bridges just north of Dickson Street that have had the lights busted out and the decorative supports damaged, just don’t get no love … or money to keep them lookin’ the way they should. Come on guys. Let’s have some pride and get these spruced up. They aren’t goin’ away and they aren’t lookin’ any better as time takes its toll. These historic structures have been sittin’ and needin’ repair long before some of these new project were started. What’s the deal?

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