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There’s a new book out “The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr” (that would be President Bill and Kenneth) that has prompted some media attention. A reviewer for The Wall Street Journal brought up the idea that Monica (Lewinsky) saved Hillary, sayin’ that if the Starr forces hadn’t been taken off task by the sex scandal, there would be more bubblin’ up with Whitewater. The book prompted the Dem-Gaz to run a bit on the decisions of Judge Susan Webber Wright.

Speakin’ o politics. The big news this week is Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s decision to run against Sen. Lincoln in the democratic primary. A few weeks back, polled its Arkansas members and says that 92 percent support Halter runnin’. MoveOn is down on Lincoln for her opposition to the public health insurance option, her failure to support legislation that would’ve allowed struggling homeowners to stay in their homes and her sponsorship of a bill to roll back the Clean Air Act.

Good Dog

Dog hears that Sean and Leigh Anne Touhy … you know, the real life couple from “The Blind Side” … will be in NWA soon for a fundraiser for a good cause.

High falutin’ dog food. Dog doesn’t always get it, but he deserves it … that gourmet dog food that’s the equivalent of organic people food. Dog hears Tractor Supply has come out with a house brand of the stuff, so Dog’s headed that way. Tractor Supply is one of Dog’s favorite stores anyway.

Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints. Enough said.

Hey, did ya hear the one about someone payin’ $1 million for an old comic book? For the life of him, Dog can’t figure out how some old paper could have any value at all. It’s not good eatin’, so what are they gonna do with it? Put it in a lock box? Since Dog lives on a farm, his food’s kept in a lock box to keep those crafty raccoons out.

Where’s the cabbage, where the milk? Dog went to three different Walmart brand stores a couple o weekends ago, you know, Walmart, Sam’s and Neighborhood Market and found several empty shelves. Wasn’t no snowstorm in the forecast, so Dog’s wonderin’ what the deal was.

Speakin’ o deals. Dog keeps hearin’ that the Bank of Fayetteville might be for sale. Dog’s heard some stories lately about some actions goin’ on there that leads him to think that might be true.

Bad Dog

There’s plenty o upset people around town. Upset at the city for chargin’ them for extra bags o trash or other garbage infractions that are just not happenin’. Dog heard about one guy who spent umpteen hours tryin’ to straighten out a charge for 20 bags of trash (translates to $200 or so) that wasn’t his. Turns out the driver jotted down the wrong address.

While Dog’s raggin’ on the city … the city needs to do some shavin’. Some serious shavin’ on some of those nonregulation speed bumps they built. There are several around town that are way taller than they should be.

What’s this Dog hears about the price of lumber goin’ up. Could that be? Dog hopes not.

Dog’s also gotten wind that the Russian gubment is gonna raise the price of vodka. What the heck? Are they trying to start a revolution? Dog says there’s nothin’ better than that bacon vodka.

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