Don't Text And Drive

The Kruth Talks

By Amber Kruth

Power Down

Don’t text and drive. It’s now an Arkansas law. Called Paul’s Law, drivers can be pulled over and fined for texting behind the wheel. Also drivers younger than 18, or those with a learning permit, are prohibited from talking on a cell phone while driving. Drivers ages 18 to 20 are restricted to hands-free talking.

Collect Those Cans

Throughout October, Fayetteville will be competing against like-sized cities in an aluminum can collecting competition. Gather up those soda cans and recycle them at curbside or at the city’s recycling center, which is open 24/7 on South Happy Hollow Road. With a chance for the city to win $5,000 for local recycling efforts, we CAN make the effort.

Scratch And Win

The Arkansas Lottery hit its mark with debut sales of more than $1.2 million Sept. 28, the first day for the scratchers. An estimated $720,000 in prizes was awarded on scratch-off tickets that day. Imagine the money that will be churned when the Powerball and Pick 3 games come into play later this year. We may actually net the $100 million for scholarships.

Beer And Chips

Seems that EZ Mart on MLK Jr. Boulevard and Sam’s Club paved the way for convenience and retail stores to sell beer. Many gas stations in the area have recently filed for permits, as well as Walmart and Target. Up to now, Washington County has been the only wet county in the state that does not sell beer at gas stations. Times they are a changing.


A new ballot count revealed that the vote on the Fayetteville millage increase was actually defeated by 63.5 percent, not the originally reported 59 percent. The school board will be back to the drawing board to craft a new proposal although it may be a year before there’s a new vote. A survey is being mailed to voters to see what most influenced their voting.

UA Grant

More than a half-million dollars was granted to the University of Arkansas to improve transportation and maintenance facilities. Officials are concentrating on lowering energy and maintenance costs with a new geothermal heating and cooling system and new mechanical tools. We can also expect a new canopy, bus wash and three new buses by next year. Go Hogs! Go Green!


The 10th annual biker carnival, Bikes, Blues & BBQ has come and gone. Overall, it was a success, with fewer than 40 arrests and no casualties. But the word is that there were several serious motorcycle accidents. Were they passed over by the news because they didn’t happen downtown?

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