The Great Scotts


Larry Carroll, lead guitar, vocals

Jason Young, lead bass

Tony Gray, lead rhythm guitar, vocals

Scott Sisemore, drums

Band born: Valentine’s Day 2008

Type of music: Flashy rock and groove

Influences: Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, The Kinks, Chuck Berry, AC/DC, Phish, John Prine, The Clash, Beastie Boys, Weezer, Beck, But mostly beer.

Accomplishments: We got a line of credit!

What kind of crowd do you draw? We usually use crayons and we put smiles on their faces.

When and where do you practice? We don’t practice, we play.

Any albums: The Great Scotts Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

Back stage ritual: We turn the time circuits on, load the jump program and once the flux capacitor starts fluxing we hit the stage.

Strangest thing that ever happened during a performance: One show was a real shocker! If we touched the mics while playing or bumped into each other we got hit with a bolt of lightning.

Last CD purchased:

Les Claypool “Of Fungus and Foe” (Tony)

AC/DC “Powerage” (Larry)

Rancid “Let the Dominoes Fall” (Scott)

Taj Mahal “Giant Step” (Jason)

Web site:

Upcoming shows: Aug.15 at the Boom Boom Room on Dickson Street

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