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We’ve notice a lot of stiff upper lips from local movers and shakers in the business community of late. The “recession” word is gone. They are talking about “re-adjustment” and the word “loan” has been replaced with “alternative financing.” So, gentle reader, when you pop in on your hometown banker for some “alternative financing” on say a new car (if you are brave enough to want one) or to rework the old home load, be prepared for some new terminology. It’s all part of the game. Remember when “adjustable rate mortgage” was a new word?
After Jan 20, when the new President officially takes office, watch for some dramatic swings in the market and on the local loan scene. It won’t be a government program that helps put you in a new car, or gets the old homestead refinanced.
BIG QUESTION: When will the current downturn in the economy signal that the U.S. is in the second longest downturn since the Great Depression? Answer at the end.
Even with the drop in the price of cans, cardboard, old clothes and even used books, merchants at various outlets that recycle these items, tell Daddy W. they have no lack of customers. Folks who make even pennies on cans still bring them in. Same with used books. The aisles at some of the areas best bookstores seem more crowded that usual. Can it be the economy? Yes is can.
The old Rogers Rec on Dickson is gone, well, sort of. The new look, sure looks sharp. It’s not the Rogers Rec that past generations of beer drinking, pool playing guys and gals will recognize, but it won’t be a place that a couple will walk into and want to waltz back out either.
Rumor has it that some of the fast food eateries along North College are being slated to close if the January numbers don’t improve. Those who dine on fast food should watch for more coupons and deals on meals.
The new Chamber guru Steve Clark hit the ground running, but is his pace a bit out of control? Not if you ask him. But did Clark consult the Washington County Fair Board before spouting off in the newspaper about a possible toxic clinic/research center on the 50-acre fair grounds site?
Out goes Dick Bond and back in the revolving door comes Leland Tollett. Several rumors are floating around about Bond’s departure. Daddy W. thinks the chicken market is in the soup and Tyson’s stock (like many others) is floundering.
Those who think Arkansas REALLY needs a statewide trauma program at major hospitals need to start asking those down in Little Rock, especially the GOPers, if they have the guts to vote for a tax. Most of the Republicans will say they won’t, then whine that we need better medical care. It doesn’t go both ways.
No matter how much grandstanding Arkansas’ Attorney General does, and wants you to believe he did, he did NOT do one thing to get an animal cruelty bill to the lawmaking stage. He jumped on the hard work of State Sen. Sue Madison, D-Fayetteville and others who have been kicked, abused and bad-mouthed by the Farm Bureau and others over past attempts. The Farm Bureau, like the AG, now see that the tide has turned and Arkansans want such a law. Shame on Dustin McDaniel for his grandstanding and shame on the Farm Bureau for dragging its feet far too long on an issue that the organization should have been behind from Day One.
Another Warren Seagraves designed building took the wrecking ball last week, this time at the hand of the city. Seagraves was a Fayetteville architect who designed many international style buildings in Fayetteville including the Roberta Fulbright Library Building aka the old Fayetteville Public Library. That building was remodeled after the library sold it to private developers. But the building that went down last week at the corner of Church and Rock, despite its architectural significance, was hated by many who spent time there. And by time, we mean time. It served as the Fayetteville Jail for many years.

If the current economic downturn, recession, what ever, continues past April 20, it will be the second longest decline in the U.S. economy. Second only, dear readers, to the Great Depression.

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