Eating Out

Eating Out
Restaurant Review by Leanna K. Potts

Hunan Manor
1147 Tahoe Place, Fayetteville
Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week

The old Hunan Manor moved a year ago into its new location in front of the Harps’ complex just a few blocks west of 1-540 on Wedington Drive. The building is larger with a modern look inside and out. The interior is done in gray, black, olive and white, with high ceilings and interesting lighting elements
Even though there is definitely more seating in the new Hunan Manor, the drive-through window was busy with cars lined up well past the parking lot entrance and wrapping around to the building, when I visited. When the restaurant was located on College I, too, used to go through the drive-through to pickup an order of Lo Mein and take it home to enjoy.
When we visited the new location, my dining companion and I ordered the steamed dumplings as an appetizer ($3.95 for six). We both decided that we would definitely go back and have them again They were delicious. However, the Hot and Sour Soup ($1.25) was only so-so both in heat and the sour tang that makes the soup so mouth watering.
Hunan Manor offers an extensive menu for both lunch and dinner and the option on the dinner menu to select either a small or large order. Lunch specials like Moo Go Gai Pan ($4.95), Pepper Steak ($4.95), Szechuan Shrimp ($5.95), and Sweet and Sour Pork ($4.95), all lunch served with an egg roll and fried rice, are offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
For dinner there is a nice selection of soups including Wanton, Seafood Soup for two, Preserved Cabbage and Shredded Pork Soup and appetizers including Pu Pu Platter, Crab Rangoon, Wantons, Barbecued Ribs, Shrimp Toast).
Dinner entrees include Quadruple Fragrance Combination (chicken, shrimp, beef and scallops with mixed vegetables $10.95), General Tso’s Chicken ($7.95), Curry Chicken, Firecracker Shrimp, Beef with Snow Peas ($5.75/$7.95), Ginger Onion Shrimp, Double Cooked Pork, Jade Scallops, Egg Foo Young ($6.95/$7.95) and Kung Pao Shrimp ($6.50/$8.95). These are just a few of the myriad of selections under the Poultry, Beef, Pork and Seafood headings on the menu. They also offer a nice selection of vegetarian entrees including Szechuan or Hunan Style Bean Curd, Crispy Tofu, and Bean Curd with Mixed Vegetables ($4.95/$5.95).
Hunan Manor is one of the few Chinese restaurants in the area that offers Crispy Duck ($9.95, for a half) and Peking Duck ($10.95 for a half and $20.95 for a whole).
Hunan Manor is also very popular for its buffet and the service is pleasant and attentive.
The Chicken and Snow Peas is well prepared and the Combination Lo Mein ($6.95/$7.95) and Steamed Dumplings would bring me back. I was disappointed, however, when I lifted the cover of my Moo Shu Pork to find that the plate contained flour tortillas and not the traditional delicately thin rice Peking pancake. I later read the fine print on the menu that said “tortillas” in one section and “pancakes” under the Chicken Moo Shu, so, lesson learned, always read the fine print. I know the Chinese cooks were inventive in coming up with Chop Suey made with local ingredients to serve the miners in San Francisco more than a century ago, but I really was not thrilled with this rendition of Moo Shu.
Imported Chinese beer as well as domestic beer and wine are available.

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