Eating Out

Eating Out
Restaurant Review by Leanna K. Potts

Dinner Dash
3061 #1 Market Avenue
Noon to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Chef Todd Golden has created a wonderful dining sensation for the harried cook who has no time to create a gourmet meal, nor the inclination or energy to go to a dine-in restaurant.
Most carryout restaurants offer soups, salads and sandwiches, but the Diner Dash has gone a step further offering excellent gourmet entrees as well. This is in keeping with Chef Todd’s well-earned reputation from his dine-in restaurant, Mermaids, at 1815 Green Acres Road in Fayetteville.
The Diner Dash recently moved from a small walkup location on College Avenue in the Hobby Lobby parking lot to a larger space just around the corner. The Dinner Dash is now tucked away in a row of shops just west of its original location across from Richard’s Country Meat Market.
The Dinner Dash is strictly carryout. The food is microwaveable and ready to eat. Some of the standard selections include Chef Todd’s Soup-of-the-Day ($2.50), French Onion soup ($3), Dips ($3), a Small Salad ($2.50). There is also a nice selection of desserts ranging from New York Style Cheesecake to Swiss Chocolate with Butter Cream ($4).
The selection of the day includes on a regular basis: Lasagna for two ($8.25), Tortellini, Spaghetti Carbonara or Spaghetti with Meatballs in Marinara ($7). On an irregular basis there are other tempting selections such as Pork Loin in Dijon, Roast Beef and mashed potatoes and gravy, Vegetable Primavera on penne, Caribbean Chicken pasta, Blackened Chicken Salad and Grilled Shrimp Caesar.
Some of the entrée selections change from week-to-week supplying the customer with a nice variety.
The Chicken Marie with Risotto ($7) is outstanding. It’s a breaded chicken breast topped with a mushroom, wine and cream sauce over risotto. Very rich and delectable. Add a small salad ($2.50) and one of Chef Todd’s delicious desserts and it is a decadent meal to enjoy at home in the dining room or in front of the TV. But I would not think of wasting such dining excellence by dividing time between each delicious morsel and mundane TV. However, if you must, this fare may be more suited to Masterpiece Theater viewing—just kidding. Nonetheless, the servings are plentiful and not over priced considering the quality and quantity.
The Diner Dash menu is online at: You can checkout each week’s offerings and make a selection. The Diner Dash is definitely worth seeking out and is a real timesaver when you want something out of the ordinary. It’s quick and reasonably priced.

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