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Esoteric Astrology as news for week December 27-Jan 2, 2008

The Hour is Upon Us – New Year 2008

The New Year of 2008 begins with Libra moon (learning Right Human
Relations), Mars and Saturn retrograde, a comet (Tuttle) and Mars opposite
Pluto. We’re in for rearrangements, restructuring, reorientation and a
Divine message. During January, our actions must be ethical (Jupiter),
logical and organized (Saturn). The future is a tumultuous wave of change
and upheaval (Pluto), big business (let’s create new ones) and conflicts
between what’s over (Ray 6) and what’s new (Ray 7). Disciples are called
to be strong, disciplined, discerning, discriminating, dispassionate and
orderly as the changes occur. Simultaneous recitation of the Great
Invocation, 9:00 am Pacific time, each morning, around the world among
disciples will help humanity withstand what’s to come.

The Hopi now say “The eleventh hour is past. The ‘hour’ we have waited for
has come. Don’t cling to the shore. Swim. Hold onto each other. We’re
entering another dimension now. This is, and we are, what and who we have
been preparing for.” December 26th – January 6th (Epiphany, Three Kings
Cake) are the Twelve Days of Christmas. Each day represents an
astrological sign with its virtues and attributes.which prepare us for the
coming months. Join us and read more on the New Year, the Twelve Days of
Christmas, and celestial events at www.nightlightnews.com. Happy New Year,

ARIES: The year begins beautifully, success is at your door, friends
support and recognize you, yet you feel a bit tired and down and out. Just
about everyone is feeling this along with no sleep. It’s due to the shift
in the Ages. Nonetheless, your mind is fast, you know how to be practical
and pace yourself (you’re learning), and be sure to make it home each
night. Then learn to cook.

TAURUS: You want to restructure your days and environment, yet, like
Aries, find yourself tired most of the time so you cat nap when you can
which really doesn’t refresh. The year to come is about money matters
needing sorting, property needing tending. You’ll want to travel, be out
and about in January, seeking those whose ideas link with yours. A sort of
adventure will find you. This will vivify your relationship, which needs

GEMINI: Primarily your focus will be on how to maintain intimate partners
and friends when you’re not assessing money, cash, resources and wondering
what you value the most, That’s an interesting (good Aquarian word)
question. You need of stability this year, support, constancy and
security. You may not be able to provide them but it is good to ask for
them. Your energy is low. Slow yoga and warm water swimming helps. Plan on
these for the entire coming year.

CANCER: As the New Year begins you will be concerned with money (where is
it and how much do I have?), personal relationships (let’s make intimacy
practical), and how you are being cared for and nurtured. One way is to
tend to health matters and build your immune system through proper diet
(green, fresh salads, sprouts at each meal), slow moving yoga, homeopaths,
pro-biotics and prayer. The last is most important for balance.

LEO: A lovely sense of stability and success permeates the coming year
amidst being busy. You have a new sense of confidence built out of last
year’s experiences when so much, never encountered before, was introduced
into your life and you successfully navigated the rough and tumble waters
and rowed to shore intact. Although personal relationships are still
working through wounds, this won’t last forever. Your Vesta heart fires
will never be extinguished.

VIRGO: This should be a year of recreation and play, inspiration and
vision. So many new things will enter your daily life and something far
reaching will occur with your home. The family, you realize, is most
important. During the month new goals and work projects appear. With
deftness of thought and action, you’ll accomplish them easily. Confidence
grows like seeds sprouting in a perfect medium.

LIBRA: If you were in a Broadway play representing your life in the coming
year, the play would be about the transformation of your personal life,
with changes taking place slowly and gradually. Events will occur (new
actors appear) introducing new connections needed for your new life to
unfold. As old friends appear to clear the past, and as you enjoy yourself
completely, your inner life prepares quietly for what’s to come. You’ll be

SCORPIO: Words will have different meaning to you in the coming year.
You’ll speak differently, too. The language of love becomes part of you
and your heart will expand. You become a greater support to others, which
teaches them to support you in turn. As you move out of the dark emotional
waters you’ll discover surprisingly that your mind is quite brilliant.
Challenges won’t stop in your life but the love you feel diminishes their

SAGITTARIUS: Abundance, your new keyword, trails you in the coming year.
It wraps itself around you like a lover would (a right one). You learn how
to use your new resources most carefully and you wonder why you didn’t
know this before. The answer is too paradoxical to explain. For now know
that you may be distracted somewhat by intimacy but you’ll get back on
track, you’ll tend to your life’s purpose and you’ll have fun, too. Life’s
different this new year.

CAPRICORN: You will simply wake up one morning and do what must be done.
The problems of the past will reappear but this time with how to solve
them. You’ve known all along bit the timing hasn’t been right
(astrologically). Complete projects so you can step into a new venture
that contains components of the past, but more perfected. Your influence
is great. Your skills greater. You’re loved (in private).

AQUARIUS: Friends like you. They visit and help you. Dreams (night time
ones) may be many and vivid. Recording them is important for the
development of intuition and as directional stepping-stones on your life
path. Someone or something past may show up. If so, act differently this
time. You know more now. Be careful with health and even more with
relationships. You’re wise with money. Continue to be.

PISCES: From the dust and ashes of all that has dissolved, a new energy
and many opportunities arise, like a phoenix flying out of the fire. Great
changes will begin. You have felt unable to make changes or further your
purpose, abilities and gifts. This inability to act will not continue.
Maintain courage when many do not understand you. Focus on having good
time this year. Can you even imagine that?

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