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Esoteric Astrology as news for week November 29-Dec. 5, 2008

The Lights of Advent & Hanukkah

This Sunday, December 2nd, we celebrate the first day of Advent
(Something’s coming!) and Wednesday, Dec. 5th, the first day of Hanukkah
(Jewish Festival of Lights). As noted in previous articles, every religion
and its festivals represent a different developmental stage humanity
progressed through and each religion’s foundation was built from the
previous historical religion, all of which follow astrological (planetary,
Sun, moon, star cycles) timetables. Knowing and understanding this is part
of the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the foundation for the Aquarian new
world religion. Sagittarius, riding over the plains in search of the Sun
on the mountaintop, is our teacher for the next three weeks.

It’s time to make Advent wreaths – four candles set amidst holly or pine
branches with one candle in the middle to light the other four, one
candle lit each
week before Christmas. Advent means we’re expecting something wonderful to
occur; new light at Winter solstice; return of the Sun (Son); birth of
new consciousness as the Virgin (Virgo) gives birth to the Holy Child;
light in the midst of darkness. Children love Advent wreaths. Place them
in the middle of the family table and light them each night at family
dinner. Hanukkah is also a festival of Light signifying the re-claiming of
the Jewish Temple from the Greeks (165 B.C.E.) and the re-kindling of the
sacred flame (Vesta’s temple flame), which was always to be lit. Having
only one day’s worth of oil, miraculously the flame burned for eight days
and nights. Let us all light a million lights. It’s winter soon and the
darkness calls it forth. Read more plus the week’s Celestial Events at

ARIES: You’re out and about, thinking a lot, serious at times and feeling
responsible each day. You’re being careful with money, resources and how
you communicate. Something’s occurring in your life – a transformation, a
feeling of death and rebirth, plunging into the underbelly of life. It’s
interesting, risky, rather scary and yet dazzling. You’re experiencing
Life itself.

TAURUS: It’s time for a bit of cleaning and clearing of the environments
you work in – whether office or kitchen, garden or garage. Order and
organization are begging for your attention and although you’re very busy,
you could begin by simply thinking and visualizing the process. Which
creates the template for that bright and startling morning when it’s time
to go into action. I also suggest a new wardrobe.

GEMINI: Have you noticed that your usual cool observations of others has
lessened a bit and instead of being standoffish you’re actually seeking
more contact, expressing heartfelt emotions, and wanting closeness. This
won’t last for long so cherish it. Simultaneously, you’re more curious and
creative. If children are part of your life, their joy is your joy. Enjoy.

CANCER: You feel there’s so much work to do, both here and far away. As
you tend to family or home, you’re mind’s elsewhere knowing something’s
about to occur but you don’t know what it is. Should you have extreme
anxiety take the homeopath Aconite and for grief, take Ignatia Amara.
Traditions during this season are very important to you. If you feel you
don’t have any, create them. This will nurture your heart and ease your

LEO: You too feel a certain joy this month, though it may be hidden for
some and acted out by others. It’s most important to be in touch with
family, then friends, then traditions (like Cancer, make some), then it’s
time for art and dance, theatre and film, which increase your already
essentially brilliant creativity. Make everything around you beautiful,
nurturing, warm, and inviting with candles, fragrances and little lights.
Creating holiday harmony.

VIRGO: You’re beginning a substantial new journey of stability and
thoughtful revelations concerning who you are. Self-confidence and
forgiveness comes forth concerning previous hurts from family. This will
heal any imbalance for those who feel a lack of friendships and/or
resources. Greater confidence will begin to emerge as new talents are
realized. There’s so much more within you than you ever imagined!

LIBRA: All thoughts, work, communications and activities in your
environments are intensified. It’s as if you’re running a race while being
distracted so thinking clearly becomes impossible. Do what you can to
understand other’s point of view and help them understand yours.
Conclusions aren’t the best focus at present. Only possibilities. Maintain
flexibility. The electricity in your body and mind has been turned up.
Exercise and Aconite will soothe and calm.

SCORPIO: This is a special time for you to make peace with others, to make
compromises when possible, to be socially agreeable, act as a mediator,
and smooth all differences. From the depths of your being you are able to
do this since you understand deep feelings coming from hurt and its
resultant sadness. Help those who have not been included. These tasks will
give you pleasure and then joy, which comes from the Soul.

SAGITTARIUS: It is important to be aware if any behaviors from childhood
are overshadowing your adult life and if you are sending two signals into
the world – one is what you think your intention is and the other is how
you really feel which can be based on childhood’s emotional hurts. Your
past year is about to end and reviewing all that occurred the last twelve
months prepares you for the next. In all have forgiveness for hurts, past,
present and future.

CAPRICORN: You have come to feel a compassion that is quite different and
deeper than usual. You aspire to care for others, help someone you love
and you are not seeking satisfaction or recognition. Simultaneously, you
may remember or feel an unresolved situation that was difficult. As
tensions build call upon forbearance and grace to see you through. In the
long run, the tension will bring forth a new creativity and awareness. And
more understanding.

AQUARIUS: At times in our lives we look at our friends and the groups we
belong to (or hope to) and we assess their value and ideals in comparison
to our own. We examine how we interact, if we are effective with them and
they for us, and if they reflect our true selves, thus creating
like-mindedness, a team effort, group telepathy and above all friendship.
We must ask is there anything needed to make those relationships deeper,
kinder and the holder of Right Human Relations?

PISCES: Create a new organized routine in your daily life, one that
reflects a new level of study or work. You need to encounter new ideas and
make a deep study of something that is of interest to you. Should you
travel, do so with learning in mind. On the other hand, it’s time to
assess if you’re moving in the direction of your hopes, wishes and dreams.
Each day take one more step in that direction. And praise more.


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