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Esoteric Astrology as news for week November 15-21, 2007

Mars Retrogrades Through January

Thursday, November 15th at 12:24 am (Pacific time) Mars retrogrades at 12
degrees Cancer, which is the Sun sign and degree of both the United States
and Pres. G. W. Bush.  In the US chart retrograde Mars will also square (a
challenge emerges) the US Saturn (rules and regulations). Interestingly,
the US progressed Mars turned retrograde (self examination regarding its
power) July 19, 2006 and will be retrograde for the next 79 years.
Esoterically 12 degrees Cancer is also the degree for Sirius, the blue Ray
2 (Love/Wisdom) star left of Orion where Love originates. What is the
significance of Mars retrograde, how long will it last, and what will
occur? There are many levels. On the personality-building level Mars is
energy, action, desire, sports, things red and fast. Mars is the god of
war and aggression. Will the US go to war with Iran? When Mars retrogrades
everyone’s energy level moves inward, there is less ability to act
outwardly, ambitions falter, focus lessens. Aggression turns within
bursting forth unexpectedly. During Mars retrograde it is good to tend to
mental and physical health, relax, practice yoga, study, retreat and study
the art of patience. Mars retrograde is like a double Mercury retrograde
on a physical level.

Mars will retrograde into the New Year, turning direct January 30, 2008
whereupon Mercury will again be retrograde. The next four months will be
different, eventful and interesting. Read more on Mars at

Thanksgiving is next Thursday. In preparation let us consider all that we
are grateful for. Gratitude brings blessings that are unexpected.
Gratitude is a releasing agent and is the hallmark of an enlightened Soul.

ARIES: Your inner focus will be on home and family, what your foundation
is presently and what you want it to be in the future. – good and right,
firm and stable, nurturing, well lit, gated, gardened and tended. These
apply to your home and your inner self. Above all you want to feel safe,
successful and at day’s end, within a sanctuary.

TAURUS: So much of your life recently has been upended, a bit mixed up.
Therefore you want those around you to be counted on, grounded, to behave,
organized and committed. Well now, this may not occur easily as everyone’s
assessing their own lives, trying not to be off-course. Your patience will
be tested. Take small discreet steps and consider the past two years’

GEMINI: It’s best to keep a very careful eye on finances. Don’t spend much
except for the most basic financial needs and responsibilities. This is a
time for evaluating your values, searching deeply to understand what is
important, what serves you, and previously held future plans that you
would do anything for. Are they still worth it?

CANCER: Where your vitality can be found in the next several months in
within and not without. All actions will take twice as long,
accomplishments will seem unfruitful, many tasks won’t be completed as
expected and everyone will be in the same situation wondering where
reality went. Tell them “Mars is retrograde till January 30th. Don’t push
at anything. It will simply push back with greater force. Patience.

LEO: Progress is slow. You’ll experience deep waters and foggy regions of
reality where there’s no direction and no map. Every once in a while the
fog lifts and a vista bright and clear appears. These are your new
internal realities available after the New Year begins. The horizon,
though shrouded now, will come into focus after you reorient. Then a major
course of action comes forth.

VIRGO: No one’s to blame for the slow moving situations occurring, for
friendships that can’t seem to find time for each other, for no one
sharing the roadway, for the withdrawal everyone is experiencing. It seems
no one can come out to play. Somehow everyone will progress through this
very internal time of self -evaluation and when they do, the world will
look different. The light will have changed.

LIBRA: Libra and Mars are the sign and planet of war and peace. With Mars
retrograde there could be internal battles concerning you and
relationships (not to be feared). Retrogrades offer us time to assess
previous choices and actions. Onto all relationships you will cast a laser
beam of inquiry with intimates, friends, partnerships, finances and mother
(being one and your own). You will, in the end find your own truth and
clarity and establish Right Relations.

SCORPIO: You will hibernate in order to explore deep issues underneath the
surface of everything, especially your relationship to mother and family.
This you will do before you can move into the future. You will listen to
inner feelings, impulses, passions and motives before acting on them. Mars
will test you more than even and call you to discipleship. Have courage
and have the identity “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge

SAGITTARIUS: You must pilot your ship and steer your steed toward your
goals with great care for you will be focused inwardly for three long
months. You must ascertain what you are fighting for, what your core
values and principles are. Ponder on these through the holidays when your
physical activity is low, and should you find unearthed resentments and
grudges, bring them out and burn them in the hot fires of gratitude.

CAPRICORN: Mars is exalted in Capricorn. That means it is most comfortable
as both Mars and Cap push forward and up toward the stars (successfully).
With Mars retro, it is time to rebuild your forces using Goodwill, which
generates Right Relationships, which creates peaceful and joyful living.
Those Right Relationships you will call upon later when professional
changes occur. Don’t push anything. It will simply paddle down your stream
in right timing.

AQUARIUS: Your most important focus each day for three months will be on
your health, which may constitute your primary and everyday work schedule.
Perhaps you have a job in the world, too. Then you have two priorities,
side by side – tending to health along with profession. You can do this.
If you do not have out in the world work, then use all medication and
alternative methods to assisting creating the healthiest body. You know
how to do this. Begin.

PISCES: You will experience a greater sense of the Will to Serve. Although
you will turn to your family for their care and tending another call will
be heard and you will learn how to do both – tend to personality daily
realities, and to those of the Soul/Spirit. Whatever it is you need, call
upon your creative imagination to bring it forth in form and matter.
Gratitude and blessings are the keys, always. You know this.

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