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Esoteric Astrology as news for week Oct. 11-17, 2007

Mercury Retro in Scorpio, Oct. 11- Nov. 1

Beginning Thursday, Mercury will pick us up and shift us backward for three weeks. Mercury (esoterically) is the “star of conflict” and the “major planet of relationships, for it governs and ‘engineers’ the interplay between our Earth with its conditioning constellations.” (The Tibetan) Mercury also builds the Antakarana (bridge).

Thursday (under the Libra new moon shadow) afternoon is v/c (4:22 pm Pacific time). In the evening Mercury retrograde begins (9:00 pm Pacific) at 9 degrees Scorpio. Several hours later the moon enters Scorpio, sign of the disciple, the many tests (from Mars) and understanding the vital and creative importance of Right Speech. Mercury is the spiritual ruler of Scorpio. Therefore Mercury retrograding in Scorpio is very significant.

Mercury retrograde times are peculiar times. We don’t know what constitutes reality, where it is, why or when. We can’t take things at face value, nothing turns out as expected, the past is uncomfortably present, and we see life a bit sideways. During Mercury retrograde we observe life with Virgo eyes, internalized and detailed. No one drives well, we’re often working on overload, and much communication is fatiguing to understand. Retrogrades times are supposed to be rest times!

Thursday is the birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt (Oct, 11th 1984, 11 am, NY, NY), a Libra (Right Relations) Sun, Sag (justice and goals for the Earth) rising, moon in Cancer (sensitivity toward, care, nurturing & tending of humanity). Librans are noted for their negotiating qualities (think Pres. Bill Clinton) and for bring Goodwill resulting in Right Relations to all interactions. Eleanor, representing and living the higher principles of democracy and justice, created the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNICEF & UNESCO are a part) in order to improve, reform, amend and correct social inequities.  Eleanor gave voice (3rd house) to and created the structures (Saturn) needed within the UN to assist humanity (moon).  Eleanor felt humanity was her family (moon in Cancer). (read more on Eleanor Roosevelt, Mercury retro, and the week’s celestial events at www.nightlightnews.com). The key issue during Mercury retro is focus as an introspective experience. What will the retro focus us on?

ARIES: Communication primarily but all life’s events may feel potent. It is vital that you observe the ways you think and speak so that you do no damage to others and there is no damage done to you. Reorientations may occur, transformations, too. Breakdowns (not you) of mechanical things could test you. Don’t let any trials get you down. Be one-pointed, focused, and above all kind.

TAURUS: Never satisfied with superficialities you’re relentless in the pursuit of truth, quality and values. Through power and desire you constantly explore and gather information. In the coming week as you study the new materialism, your mind will self-adjust creating a new identity not only for yourself but also for the group you identify with. This opens large doors. Be prepared.

GEMINI: Your mind will explore all thoughts and interactions occurring daily. Communication will be assessed. You will create order and organization internally and bring this order to the surface. Knowledge comes through feeling and then piercing the depth of your needs. Knowledge also comes from seeing what of value must be reclaimed from the past and set before the present.

Cancer: Stay positive while new ways of seeing your life, new perspectives, and a sense of connectedness appear. Seems like what’s been before has been outgrown. You’ll approach a deeper sense of understanding and wisdom highlighted by retro. Don’t make conclusions without thinking them through for understanding and some real answers will come forth.

LEO: Will is a well known Leo strength. During this Mercury retro in Scorpio, your will is strong. Observe it carefully so you can see that the power of will can destroy or create, either or both. Watching this allows you more knowledge into yourself. It also allows you choice, which Libra offers, as to how you want to wield your power from now on. Yours is a very valuable situation.

VIRGO: Watch as many ideas, more than usual, precipitate down into your mind. There they take root and you hold those ideas in gestation, assessing them in terms of their usefulness and value. When the time is appropriate (always astrologically) the seeded ideas will manifest into form and matter. Record your thoughts carefully. At the next retro watch what occurs.

LIBRA: In ways unknown to you, perhaps when you least expect it, and even during a chaotic situation leading to harmony (Ray 4) ideas (Mercury) from the Mind of God will anchor within your heart creating greater and greater beauty in your life. Alternately something may seem like it’s being destroyed or eliminated. Perhaps a previous thoughtform you assumed from someone else. Watch, look and listen.

SCORPIO: It would not be incorrect for you to wonder if you are a “seer of the Ages.” Seers illumine (are “illuminatis”) the minds of others. The word “Illuminati” is often misused and limited only to conspiracy theories. Some people lead humanity to the light. Some to the darkness. What about you? At all times speak in ways that lead people to what illumines them. Attempt always to pierce the darkness. You know it well.

SAGITTARIUS: Many things are coming to a completion for you. “It is finished” will be a welcome statement to articulate for then a new cycle begins. The outer life will have more love in it and the inner life (yours) will have more accurate perceptions of reality. You will serve far better and have much more joy if you effectively radiate empathy and compassion. This is the divine communication.

CAPRICORN: Communicate in all the ways that brings about unification. Study philosophies and ideas that, at their heart, bring more service to humanity. When one gives there is much given in return in order to give more and more. The result of this giving helps develop the intuition – the Raincloud of Knowable Things. Then you know how to respond to all life situations.

AQUARIUS: Something from higher regions comes into your life and you ponder on its implications. It is possible you’re being called to bring forth small segments of the yet to manifest new civilization and culture. What, in your mind and heart, would constitute this new civilization and culture? Are you attempting to live this already in your life? If so, how? Do others recognize this? It takes courage.

PISCES: Something is overshadowing you. It is a good thing. It makes you want to teach which helps you comprehend the greater realities of life, the philosophies at work, the psychological underpinnings of behavior. During these three weeks it’s important to name your goals, record them, and begin to believe in them. Sometimes goals are hard for Pisces. Try. We’ll do it together.

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