Risa's Astrology- August 30

Esoteric Astrology as news for week August 30-September 5, 2007

Saturn enters Virgo: Restructuring of Food, Health, Agriculture, & How We Serve One Another

The important astrological news is Sunday Saturn (structure and intelligence, Ray 3) enters Virgo (health, service, food, agriculture, Rays 2 & 6) for a 2 1/2 year stay to restructure humanity’s entire life. Saturn structures our time and ways on earth. Saturn disciplines us, shapes our daily life, our thoughts and mind. Saturn restricts us when needed and provides Divine Intelligence after a strong and firm lower mind (part of the personality) is built. Saturn is the rule-giver, the Dweller on the Threshold. “Are you prepared for the higher spiritual Initiations?” Saturn asks. Virgo is the sign of health, service, agriculture, daily activities, tending to others, small animals, and the Madonna who harbors quietly the new state of consciousness (birthed at Winter Solstice – see Monthly overview at www.nightlightnews.com).

If we put the two, Saturn & Virgo, together what can we expect for the next 30 months? A restructuring of all things material. Saturn is the Lord of structure and matter loves to be structured (Virgo) so that it (matter) can be more refined in order to do its spiritual work (at the core of matter is the fire of spirit). Matter provides humanity with the tools and resources of life here on earth. When something is restructured and refined it then advances, evolves and spirals upward. Read more about Saturn in Virgo along with the week’s Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com.

The following overviews how Saturn in Virgo will affect each sign as Saturn simultaneously calls us to tend carefully to our health, food, diet, exercise and to begin a study that will restructure our minds so that we may better serve one another.

ARIES: You will begin, slowly yet surely, to get everything in order. This will be a different activity for you. Because you are the sign that initiates all realities, you will be a forerunner at organizing and ordering and because the times we are in call for this, you will also realize that order and organization creates a great impact and is beneficial for what’s to come. Prepare in all ways for coming changes.

TAURUS: Your expression, ability to express, your new identity based upon your creative expression will evolve and expand. And as it grows it will convey your deepest gratitude for the gift of life itself. So many things will occur for you. Mostly your inner self will continue to be reformed as you interact more deeply and intimately with others. Amidst all of this you will also experience interesting times of withdrawal in order to synthesize the growth experiences.

GEMINI: If I said, and I will, that you must begin to secure and build up your foundation, what would you think that mean and what would you do? This could mean your cellar or the foundation beneath your home. It could also mean your inner self that will take you into the next fourteen years in preparation for greater world in the world. Doing both is good. Begin with one and all the rest will take care of itself.

CANCER: Always concerned with inner truths you will now begin to understand that what you say and think affects (and alters) your outer world. Unconscious patterns and abilities will become conscious (awareness expands). In order not to be aghast at what you might see, be willing to accept all parts of yourself for all those parts will be changing anyway. Nothing can be taken for granted anymore.

LEO: It’s important to know if money or material objects hinder you from discovering and understanding spiritual values, then a lessening of money and resources could occur until you value spiritual truths. To insure yourself against loss, begin now to understand what your values are, investigate what others value, ask yourself what about yourself you value and what is the value of religious and spiritual truths. Practice gratitude.

VIRGO: Your self-identity will change and expand. Whatever is no longer valid concerning who you really are will fall away. Saturn is like an eclipse, shedding things no longer useful. Saturn also will build you into who you truly are and give you tools to withstand the beginnings of a deeply interior life. You will be quite introverted and introspective. This will be a rich world for you, laying a foundation that is substantial.

LIBRA: What in your life needs closure, finishing up, completing, tending to? Are there projects left undone, people needing contact, events and activities still waiting your special attention? In the next two years, tend to all of these carefully, quietly, joyfully, and with a state of cherishment. Learn about this last word learn what it means to cherish so that in the new order to come, you are.

SCORPIO: Many Scorpios like the individual solitary experience more than integrating into a group. You will eventually be interested in joining a group realizing it’s there that new ideas come forth, group telepathy occurs, and safety and achievement emerge through a common purpose. Some day you will be in charge of this group. Then you’ll learn how to command true power, joining it with Love. Love and power are companions.

SAGITTARIUS: We’re almost in harvest season quite like the next period of your life which is also a harvest season. Though you often thought all was lost in the emotional upheavals experienced this lifetime, there’s so much more to come, so much goodness to reap that the next three years are years to look forward to. I’ll not say more here because you’ll color in the outlines of a life that will hold goodness and glory.

CAPRICORN: Great stability of thoughts and goals and the understanding of how life works will begin to appear as a foundation in your life. There are many who won’t be able to understand how it life works for several more lifetimes to come. You may find yourself seeking a deeper religious experience. Follow this aspiration for it’s the proper time for it to occur. If a parent give this experience to your children, too. A loving religion will stabilize them as they grow.

AQUARIUS: You will find that great transformations, inner and outer, begin in your life. There will be changes in how you relate to others, in accepting and understanding different value systems, and in learning how to work with and through conflict. Tend very carefully to your resources; know where they are at all times. Intense encounters with others also may occur. Be prepared to stand always in the center and observe. Other will then learn from you

PISCES: For fourteen years you’ve been creating a firm foundation of experience. Your inner world, now developed, will shape a new outer world. Relationships are cultivated, then refined. Some Pisceans may marry or divorce, others commit to work that heals and helps. Some Pisceans will begin new relationships that have great depth. You will live up to all your hopes, wishes and needs. Life will too.

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