Risa's Astrology for Aug. 23-30, 2007

Esoteric Astrology as news for week Aug. 23-29, 3007

The Mineral Kingdom, Ray 7, Holds the Plan

Our compassionate prayers are sent forth to all who died in the Utah mining accident (Ohm Mani Padme Hum), to their families and the owner. We send prayers to Peru, too, after the 2-minute (horrors!) 8.0 earthquake near Lima and the continuing large aftershocks. There is “love and purpose that underlies the happenings of the time” but it is difficult when confronting destruction and death to understand this phrase and its meaning. The previous ways of life and realities are being destroyed so the new culture & civilization can emerge. It is not an easy process for humanity to experience this. Notice in each of the disasters the mineral kingdom (Ray 7) has been involved.

Having been in many L.A. earthquakes and then the Loma Prieta earthquake in Santa Cruz, the earth’s rockin’ and rollin’ underfoot is terrifying and disorienting. Notice each of the disasters involved the mineral kingdom. There is purpose to this fact.

In Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Psychology 1, p. 226-7, we read “…In the mineral world (kingdom, Ray 7), the Divine Plan is hidden…Divine concepts (are) working out. The power or will of God expresses itself through the organized and systemized processes of the 7th Ray.”  Through the mineral kingdom streams the forces of Ray 7. Where there is Ray 7 (form and matter) there is also Ray 1 (Power, Destruction, Creation). Ray 7 is also the ray of the Aquarian Age. To bring forth the new Aquarian Age, its Laws & Principles, new life forms, new culture and civilization, new world Aquarian plans, order, and rituals, the new world religion based on astrology, whatever is no longer useful is now being destroyed. The mineral kingdom’s present work of continuous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, is the manifestation of that destruction in order that the Plan, embedded in the mineral kingdom, can come forth.

The week: Sun enters the field of Virgo Thursday. All of us enter into a time of gestation. In Virgo we begin preparations for Winter Solstice when new life from the Sun enters the earth. During this month of Virgo we are reminded to maintain a quietness and solitude within our selves and to remember not to fall into criticism, the usual and easy route through Virgo.

Tuesday at 3:35 am we have a Full Moon lunar eclipse (something in form and appearance disappears) at 4:46 degrees Virgo/Pisces. Virgo is the sign most associated with meditation – its process and the use of seed thoughts. Seed thoughts are centers of whirring magnetic energy. When we concentrate (meditation process in Leo) and meditate (focus) on a “seed thought” (an idea) we create within the idea (which is spiritual substance) a magnetic force which in turn attracts other thoughts and ideas to it which clothe the seed thought with a vital current that then can proceed to enter into into form and matter. Our ideas are thus living templates. This is the process of manifestation from a spiritual level. Thus, the meditative seed thought used during this Full Moon of Virgo is “I am the Mother (Ray 3). My Son (the Sun & Soul – Ray 2) and His Father (Our God, Ray 1), We are One.” In Virgo, pregnant with the Sun/Sun (birthed at Winter Solstice) the three are one. A Trinity. Rays 1, 2, & 3.

Read more on Virgo along with the week’s extensive Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com. Much of the celestial events are for readers’ esoteric journals.

ARIES: As the weeks unfold you’ll find more daily work is called for. Simultaneously you’ll seek to create more freedom, which then poses a challenge as to what to choose and why? In the meantime a spiritual and inner reflective process calls you. You’re here, there and where? All of these realities can occupy different hours of the day. Cherish them and everyone.

TAURUS: Family may show up or need special and careful tending. You look forward to clearing up, cleaning out, rearranging, and generally creating a changed environment. This begins in several weeks. Find time each day to be in the Sun. Your bones need the Sun’s healing and vital light and warmth. Differences between you and another are stirred.

GEMINI: How is your work world? Are you happy there, satisfied, recognized adequately, and feeling as if you’re assisting humanity? Do things need to change somehow? The eclipse will bring about change in your professional life. Change is good. Uncomfortable yet important. More power is available for you. Combine it with love or it will disappear.

CANCER: The eclipse brings about the changes you are seeking and some may even surprise you. There are dreams you hope to realize and though you haven’t articulated them, they’re there within. Your ways of living and thinking are changing. Soon the outer world will change, step by step. Everything occurs internally, as a practice template first.

LEO: Big issues like sex, trust, money and death enter your mind and you fret a bit for these are deep issues you would rather not think about for they cloud the sun from your eyes and the love in your heart. But still they’re here and you finally sit with them and find they’re not so scary but real and true and that you are strong enough to contend with them. Leo is the roaring Lion. Find Regulus.

VIRGO: Happy Birthday, Virgo. It’s time to do your yearly review where you review your past year, tend to all things unfinished, and where there was difficulty visualize different and kind and harmonious outcomes especially in relationships with others. Record all that you are grateful for this past year and then record what is needed in the coming year. Then your true birthday begins.

LIBRA: Is there a way to create a change in your daily schedule to incorporate more exercise, perhaps swimming and daily spa workout? This would enhance your well being, make you happier, more creative and hopeful. Do not overwork or be too social for other parts of yourself will be neglected and that’s unattractive physically and on the Soul level you’ll make less contact with others. Contact releases Love. Your task.

SCORPIO: Waves of desire wash over you. Perhaps to be with or have children nearby. Or to find a new level of creativity in your field of endeavor. Things that have no more usefulness drop away leaving a space and spaciousness that won’t be filled immediately. Allow this new feeling of something simply gone to find its own comfort. Something new your way comes. It’s good.

SAGITTARIUS: The week and the eclipse should find you at home, with family or simply in your own environment wondering what to do. Home provides comfort but is it time to go elsewhere? Family loves you but you can’t go home really. So you ponder matters big and small, personal and professional and wish for a place to wander to that soothes, shields, protects and yet provides provocation all at the same time. Wait just a bit longer.

CAPRICORN: You seek to make contact with others and so find yourself reading and writing more, sending messages to those you love, seeking ways to use your hands and mind together. You feel the need to create things, perhaps new art forms that have a message. In the meantime you’re stimulated by the eclipse and the Full Moon and new insights occur to you. Investigate them. One holds gold.

AQUARIUS: For the next three to six months, tend carefully to your monetary affairs and all resources (including self and others as resources that you value). Money and resources may come and go quite easily. Therefore you need to be more in control of them, more aware. It’s best to create a journal and a file with detailed financial information for easy access. Don’t discard any important papers. Something you’ve done is subtly rewarded. You deserve it.

PISCES: Interesting new friends and partnerships may be made in the coming weeks. They’re stimulating and thought provoking. You may be called to lead groups, work in different areas of endeavor. These will call forth your abilities and you’ll be surprised at your sense of responsibility and clarity of thinking. People listen to you and learn. You may be a bit behind the scenes but your voice is still heard.

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