Risa's Astrology for August 9-16, 2007

The Drama of Leo

In and around Sunday’s Leo new moon, the Perseid meteor showers, dramatic and fiery points of light, will streak through the heavens, peaking around the 11th or 12th and increase in intensity after midnight. Venus as Evening Star will be vanishing soon.

The drama (theatre, stage, play, show, actors, etc.) played out in the heavens day and night is reflected here on earth. Drama (Latin for deed, do, act) is a good, worthy and admirable word. It denotes life, love, passion and the demand and will(ingness) to live more abundantly. We should not allow, especially in this Leo time, criticism concerning our “sense of drama.” In recent years, ten or so, the word and idea of “drama” has taken on a dispirited, “dysfunctional” (there is no such thing as dysfunctional behavior or families…there are only stages in learning) and judgmental interpretation. Many are judged to be “too dramatic!” (eyes rolling). The distainful statement “No drama allowed here!” implies disregard or perhaps inability to assist. “She’s into ‘drama,” signifies intense emotions are not acceptable. This neglect of another is a misuse of a life-giving state of being. I write of this because in Leo there is much and great drama. And it should not be shouldered aside as many in the world of self-help have done and continue to do. The question to be asked when someone demonstrates a great amount of energy, anger, passion, fury, hostility, or demands is “What is the need being expressed behind this exhibition of energy (drama)?”

The week: Thursday, Cancer moon provides the gate through which the Mercury/Jupiter trine (upliftment) in two fire signs (Leo/Sag) enters the earth. We can hardly contain ourselves. The creative output and sense of truthfulness will define our interactions with others and our work. Justice prevails. Teaching, promotions, ideas are shared with joy (a Soul quality) and enthusiasm (filled with God). Large principles float about seeking those who will recognize them.

Friday is a day of non-compromise, of not understanding each other, of not being able to reach out in understanding. Everything’s shifting about. Uranus is creating uneasiness so that revelations can take place. Patience will be needed. Expect no one to be in accord. This will pass.

Saturday the moon enters Leo preparing us for Sunday’s new moon at 4:03 pm (Pacific time). The Sun and moon are at 20 degrees Leo opposite Neptune at 21 degrees Aquarius. Truly this is the call from Aquarius for Leo to bring forth their creative gifts. So many planets in Leo during the New Moon – Mercury (mind), Moon (feelings), Sun (the light of our personality), Saturn (our structure and teacher), Venus (our loving mind principle). Leo distributes Love/Wisdom from Sirius through the heart of the Sun and directly into our hearts. It is in Leo that the Soul and personality first fuse and unify. This must be done in order that Leo can turn toward humanity (Aquarius) and serve the greater group. This new moon calls us to join the New Group of World Servers worldwide, standing hand and hand around the earth radiating Goodwill. Let’s do this together. Let’s commit to this. We join the NGWS by reciting the Great Invocation at the time of the new moon. Ohm. Sunday is an excellent church, family and film day.

Monday is unsettled, quirky, and revelatory (Mercury/Uranus), spiritually in-depth (moon/Pluto), strict and disciplined (moon/Saturn) and in the morning v/c. At 11:03 moon enters detailed and efficient Virgo. Soon after (11:25 am) the Sun is opposite Neptune. Watch and observe how everything and everyone shifts. There could be a fall-apartness, a dissolving. There could be confusion and/or a sense of enlightenment. The shift will be sutble and will continue for the rest of the day and night. Its purpose is integration. Then at 12:16 pm Venus joins Saturn and everything becomes very austere, exacting and precise. Hold still (but not too still). Relationships may feel measured and grief could be felt. Also people could be all of a sudden grumpy. Allow all of this to occur. Remember we are knowers and then observers of the energies falling to earth. We are the New Group of World Servers.

Tuesday continues the rather confusing, dissolving yet refining energies of Neptune as Mercury is now opposite Neptune beginning at 1:09 pm. Allow visions and imagination to flourish. Don’t’ get lost, anyone.

Wednesday is an exceptional day of illumined enlightened thinking. It’s v/c from 2:02 pm till 9:04 pm when moon enters Libra. Right Human Relations is called for within relationships and finances. Wednesday is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the highest feminine principle in the Hierarchy. She rose to heaven after a long life in Ephesus tended to by St. John the Beloved (author of Revelations). Mary’s Assumption into heaven (the Raincloud of Knowable things, the Buddhic plane) represents another resurrection we take. Together and united, the world disciple. Let’s commit to this.

ARIES: A deep creative period comes forth. Pay attention to all ideas, thoughts, impressions. Review other creative works, go to museums, art galleries. Go wherever there is a creativity that you enjoy. You will then be inspired to bring forth your own, which means bringing forth your gifts. Simultaneously, find times for fun, relax, entertain, have a party, host a dinner, be with children. Play.

TAURUS: What do you need to tend to your home(s) to make them more beautiful, comfortable, secure, safe and perhaps up for sale? What would help you, inspire and support you in all the things needed at home and in the garden? Is it time to remodel, sell, clean out, clear or redecorate? I think you need some help. Can you ask for it? Something needs tending immediately.

GEMINI: Are you in errands-ville every day tending to small tasks, driving here and there, thinking about neighbors and how to encounter them with fellowship and friendship? Are you interacting with siblings, planning something with the family, busy with communicating and learning to love them more? You have many new thoughts, ideas and impressions. Reach out and share them. We love you.

CANCER: The focus continues to be on finances, values, resources and what you deeply want and need. Since this has been continuous and the new moon is focused on your values and resources, you will look more deeply into how you use your money and resources and more fully assess how you will act in the future. It is also important to ask yourself each day “What do I value in myself?” And answer the question, too.

LEO: Happy Birthday, Leo. You may feel a bit emotional. That’s OK during your birthday month. For those doing their yearly review, how is it coming and are you up to date yet? Notice your heart these days. Love is flowing into it from Sirius. Radiate it out every day to others. You will uplift them, as you are uplifted. This is your task for the coming year.

VIRGO: It is important at some time to review what emotional messages and tones were given in childhood. Some of this information may surface during this month and its purpose is recognition and identity. Its deeper purpose is healing and then the creation of new messages, emotional textures and tones. This is to be done gently, with understanding, with no judgements, and with prayer.

LIBRA: At this time and for several weeks you feel at home with everything group-like. You feel heard, balanced, loved, your personality emerges, and perhaps you’re the leader or initiator of a service to others that involves a group. Is there a perplexedness concerning your future plans and goals? You think you know what is best, but something’s a bit amiss internally. A vital nurturing piece is missing. What is it?

SCORPIO: Some new awareness may occur to you, or perhaps a new plan concerning your work, interactions with colleagues and an attention concerning your relevance in bringing forth new ideas for the improvement of our culture and civilization. You may also be thinking of hiking a tall hill or mountain and needing new firm and sturdy boots. Try not to over-react in any situation. Instead seek the revelations attempting to come forth. A parent or elder may need care.

SAGITTARIUS: Oh, dear, are you about to go off wildly onto some sort of adventure, caring little about your responsibilities because things have become, um, rather tedious, dull, monotonous, tiresome and boring? Your emotions could have you running off into a distant wilderness in order to leave the present behind. You feel the need for an expanded perspective, a sense of hopefulness that the future will be different. It will be. You need something cultural and foreign, philosophical and cultural. You need different!

CAPRICORN: Do not begin to suffer because of money. Do not judge the other (any others) for have more or less money. Do not expect others to give, work for or bring you more money. Do not allow your emotions to the conclusions that you or another are not doing enough to bring in money. If a crisis concerning money occurs, it’s simply telling you that a budget needs to be established. Do it now, ask for help, and tend to loving more than anything. That brings everything.

AQUARIUS: You’re up and down concerning relationships. In the meantime you may feel wounded by either having one (relationship) or not having one. You could also feel pulled in so many directions. On the other hand you could feel content, happy, tended, aware of your gifts, giving thanks for the bounty in your life, and hoping for new endeavors to take you anywhere, everywhere. They will. What do you feel during this new moon Leo time?

PISCES: Be aware that Neptune is doing it’s usual work of dissolving things in order to make them more refined spiritually. You may find yourself confused at times, combining separate situations, memories, writings into one and the end result is not understandable. Daily work seems so overwhelming. You need to space the work out in between others tasks you enjoy. Change is good for you but it’s the change you create that’s best. What would that be?

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