Risa's Astrology for Aug. 2-9, 2007

Esoteric Astrology as news for week August 2-8, 2007

Leo Seeking

As of this writing, Thursday July 27th, the day before Venus retrogrades, the Dow dropped 300 points in the wake of the housing market news. The Dow concerns money. Venus is money. Retrogrades turn everything upside down and around.

Our planet is slowly revolving through the field of Leo (Rays 1 & 5) during these Dog Star (Sirius, Ray 2) days. Leo is the sign of the individual, who finally knowing itself to be a vital and creative being, turns toward humanity and all the kingdoms on earth and asks “How can I help? How can I serve? Where is my group? Where is the New Group of World Servers so that together we may assist in the upliftment of the kingdoms on earth and the earth (a great Being) itself? The Leo-individuated-individual eventually needs a group (Aquarius) for proper identity. Working together within the group, the Leo then feels they can serve and uplift humanity, assist in evolution, and act as outposts of Hierarchy. “Where do I go?” asks Leo when they are ready.

Two websites that provide information on individuals (I count) working together (together.com) globally are www.icount.org.uk/my_actions/ & www.together.com/. Both are concerned with climate change, how individuals can work with the community worldwide. All this is Leo (the individual) seeking its shadow (hidden potential) in order to serve (Aquarius).

August is the last month of Saturn’s 2 1/2-year transit (journey) through Leo. Saturn enters Virgo on the 2nd of September. Many things will change after Saturn enters Virgo. The Venus retro in Virgo and then Leo prepares us.

The coming week is filled with sign changes, preparations, a fourth-quarter moon, the continuing Venus retrograde, benevolence, solitude, lots of talk and a nine-minute v/c moon that leads to mother’s kitchen. Read all about these plus more on Leo and the news that doesn’t report humanity true condition at www.nightlightnews.com.

The week of many transits: Thursday, with Sun trine Jupiter, can be an expansive, loving day amidst the Venus retrograde in Virgo. Hearts will unfold as Jupiter and the Sun transmit love from the heart of the Sun (Ray 2) directly to our hearts. Wisdom is the result if we’re attentive. Thursday is v/c till 1:43 pm (after lunch) when the moon enters bold impulsive Aries. Everything leaps forward. Friday is benevolent, friendly, and kind. We are too. Saturday at 10:15 am Mercury enters Leo for two weeks. Mercury and the Sun in the same sign brings messages from our gods. We must listen to comprehend and be in touch with the Soul. Moon is v/c from 10:31 am till 4:16 pm. Then Taurus moon begins and everything settles down for a rest. Dinner Saturday night can be tense. Only kindness works. Or solitude.

Sunday is the 4th quarter moon. We are drawing back into ourselves. We are reflective on the past three weeks. What has been accomplished? We reorganize, cleanse and clear and plan for the new new moon August 12th.

Monday is a most important day. Saturn in Leo trines Pluto in Sag. The moon enters Gemini at 7:01 pm. Jupiter is direct and Mars enters Gemini (late at night). It’s best to maintain a calm slow pace today in order to flow with the multi-changing energies streaming into earth from the heavens. There’s depth of discipline, extreme talk and chatter, goals are rearranged and each individual experiences a subtle transformation. Attentiveness and mindfulness helps us feel, observe and understand these influences.

Tuesday, there’s lot of talking going on. Make sure it’s filled to overflowing with goodwill and Right relations. Or guess what will happen? The afternoon, earning dinner will be challening between the sexes. It’s calms down later in the evening.

Wednesday is fully Gemini. Information flies quickly here to there. It will illumine us, startle, confuse, refine, integrate and finally structure our minds. We’ll need to be on our toes all day. Venus retrogrades back to Leo at 6:10. If we’re observing carefully we’ll sense, hear and feel the difference between Venus in Virgo (critical) and Venus in Leo (love). A short v/c lasting nine minutes occurs Wednesday night until 10:36 pm. Then Moon enters Cancer and a gate opens. Hopefully it leads to mother’s kitchen.

ARIES: Notice that you will shift your focus this week from pondering deeply to finally communicating, from talk of home and your foundation to considering your next creative endeavor which defines you. Notice that your daily life is a bit backward (like everyone else’s) and that you really need a vacation far away. Do you feel the pressure?

TAURUS: You’ll be talking money and finances or thinking about them most of the days and well into the nights. Seems like you can’t get to those bills, money is tied up in something big that’s not moving, you hope you don’t lose what you’ve accrued, and to get back to where you were before you really have to work a bit harder and with more focus on finances. Can you? You’d best. Get help.

GEMINI: Perhaps you’ve been a bit less talkative than usual but this situation shifts this week. Out of the shadows you come and into the light. I’ve had some esoteric discussions on what the shadow means. I agree with Jung that it’s our undiscovered self, those portions of our inner being we are not yet conscious of. Thus our shadow contains infinite potential. What’s yours?

CANCER: You are concerned about money and how it both limits and frees you. Is there a limited amount and will it take care of you adequately? You think and wonder these things as you are focused as you should be on your own well being after tending so often and so well to others. Tending to self is also important and you retreat a bit in order to find out how to do this without guilt. Do it gently.

LEO: Happy Birthday, early, later or this week. Many should be sending you messages and making contact (which releases love) wishing you happy birthday and greetings of Goodwill. Receive them all with kind graciousness so that the people and gifts feel accepted. A flame (Vesta) burns within and it’s golden bright. It’s a flame of thought, creativity and travel. Where (when?) are you going?

VIRGO: You are busy as a bee is buzzing, from here to there and everywhere. Mercury and the Sun are coming closer together and with Mercury belonging to you (and Gemini) information streams into your mind and your thoughts are aquiver about…what? Perhaps they’re hidden; perhaps they’re spiritual or perhaps your mind’s in retreat as it gestates new consciousness preparing itself to come forth at Christmas. Tend to caring for yourself at this time.

LIBRA: Everything from the past comes to roost somewhere between you and home and family and friends and relationships and belief systems and decisions made awhile ago. When something feels out of reach or love is difficult or money seems unavailable, give and give and give to those suffering and in need. This shifts your focus from self who acquires to self who turns around and serves others. Then balance is restored.

SCORPIO: Two areas of life – professional work and finances – interact this week and for the next several. New information comes forth concerning you in the work world along with new identity seeking your recognition along with issues around money that you will assess and reassess in order to understand just how to get ahead. You will do it all.

SAGITTARIUS: New goals struggling to emerge, transformations that drop you to your knees (a holy position), hoping for stable finances (not for awhile), seeking long distance travel/conversation, and wondering what your next worldly recognition will be without too much discipline are a few of your thoughts. They’ll work themselves out as easily as the grass is green. (Y)Our free will is directly related to the movement of the stars.

CAPRICORN: All Caps can feel a vital new force about to break through. This will continue through autumn and into the New Year. Pluto, the planet of transformation will then enter your sign. The world will change and you will also. In deep and unexpected ways. For now, tend to money carefully. Speak only Goodwill. Begin to complete previous projects. And know all’s perfect all the time.

AQUARIUS: Talk or thoughts of relationship becomes the focus because for you relationships allow you see who you are and it’s in relationships that you feel cared for, praised, recognized and loved. This is especially for Aquarians. Relationships are where you learn the most about your actions and their repercussions. Aquarians reach out to the world with their hearts. Have you been doing this? It’s your destiny. Then it’s returned. The world is your relationship.

PISCES: With the north node (present/future work, dharma) in Pisces your life’s path has changed within the past year. You try and try to get back on track each day but so many things keep you seemingly off-track. You are in a kind of purgatory at this time. It comes through the changes in your life and the restrictions you have felt. There’s a reason for all of this. It will reveal itself in time. Stay safe and enclosed and in retreat.

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