Daddy Warbucks

Daddy Warbucks

What Daddy W. knows, doesn’t know for 2007

Columnists are often put in the role of forecasters, fortune tellers, seers and even as those with extra sensory powers. Well, your no nonsense Daddy Warbucks thinks it comes down to (1) what you know and (2) what you don’t know that really counts. So here is a look at what Daddy W. knows and doesn’t know for 2007. Enjoy.

Daddy W. knows that Mong Dynasty on North College Avenue will move from its present site. What he doesn’t know is how long it will take to clear that lot for something else.  Daddy W. knows that more and more chain restaurants are set to locate here in 2007 – a Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits and the second free standing Chick-Fil-A. What he doesn’t know is if more locally owned restaurants can survive.

Daddy W. knows that gas will go up to the mid $2.50 a gallon range. What he doesn’t know is why?

Daddy W. knows that Tom Coughlin will stay at home and under the political radar for most of 2007. What he doesn’t know is if a court ruling might reopen the case.

Daddy W. knows that the city’s financial woes are not over, despite the taxes i.e. bonds passed or re-issued by
voters. What he does’t know is if city leaders really care about my tax dollar.

Daddy W. knows that the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission needs it’s spending examined. What he doesn’t know is if it will past the “smell” test of local voters when the files are examined.

Daddy W. knows that several condo projects will be “slowed down” as pre-sales are weak – very weak. He doesn’t know if the Divinity Project will ever be built.

Daddy W. knows that the Walton Arts Center will announce a “big gift” to build their much needed parking garage.
He doesn’t know if Grubbs will be able to relocate and survive, when they are pushed out to make way for the new parking garage.

Daddy W. know that the University of Arkansas will set another record of some sort in foundation giving. He doesn’t know if the actual enrollment (based on actual numbers) will show growth for this next fall. He also knows that the University of Arkansas football team will set another attendance record for its home games in Fayetteville. He doesn’t know if it will be a winning season.

Daddy W. knows that businessmen (especially hotel mangers) are concerned about the lack of attendance at UA men’s basketball games. He doesn’t know if Stan Heath will be back unless the Hogs go deep into the NCAA Tourney.

Daddy W. knows that there will be fewer new banks chartered and built in the region in 2007. He doesn’t know if all the banks will be happy about scrapping for the split business.

Daddy W. knows that the Wal-Mart shareholders will have a subdued shareholders session in Fayetteville this summer. He doesn’t know how long Lee Scott will remain chair if the company doesn’t break out of the doldrums.

Daddy W. knows that the big new car dealers will get bigger in 2007. He doesn’t know if the Landers folks will keep the area dealership.

Daddy W. knows that Mayor Dan Coody’s dream of sidewalks all the way up North College Avenue won’t happen. He doesn’t know if the voters remember that old campaign promise.

Daddy W. knows that strong women personalities will continue to dominate the local TV news. He doesn’t know if another strong male weatherman will emerge.

Daddy W. knows that  a “new” Voice of the Razorback football will be announced soon. He doesn’t know if that person will be headquartered in Little Rock, as in the past.

Daddy W. knows the Dow will flirt with 13,000. He’s not sure that there won’t be a couple of big “downside drops” from where we are at the start of the year to reach that goal.

Daddy W. knows that the Bikes, Blues and BBQ folks will say they have reached another attendance goal for the festival. He doesn’t know that they can prove their numbers any better than they have in the past.

Daddy W. knows that Maxine’s Tap Room will reopen. He doesn’t know that it can grow a new, faithful following, since we’ve all gotten older.

Daddy W. knows that Free Weekly readers have been nice to send business tips to him. He doesn’t know that all of them have been thanked enough – so here’s a paid a ahead “thank you” for more tips in 2007.

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