White Street Walk brings artists, art lovers to Eureka Springs May 17

White Street Walk brings artists, art lovers to Eureka Springs May 17

It’s been more than three decades since Zeek Taylor, Mary Springer and Eleanor Lux looked around their quaint Eureka Springs neighborhood and decided what it needed was an annual art walk.

They were obviously right. Every year since — except 2020, when covid-19 was at its worst — some 40 artists have set up their wares, and hundreds of visitors have strolled White Street on a spring evening in May. They’ll do so again May 17, with both Springer and Taylor opening their home studios to guests. Lux is no longer well enough to participate, but she remains an emotional part of the event for her old friends.

“Eleanor was the first to have the idea, a dream really, that White Street was the perfect neighborhood to host a studio walk because of the many artists living on and near the location,” Taylor remembers. “That idea, dream, for the Walk quickly became one of Eureka Springs’ most successful and popular events. I will always be thankful for Eleanor’s foresight, her many years of participation, and for her loving friendship. I lucked out when I became her neighbor.”

Taylor calls the White Street Walk “somewhat of a ‘welcome to the season’ event and a chance to reconnect for both residents and tourists alike.”

“I’ve always thought that one reason it is successful is that it is in a neighborhood, a different setting from visiting the downtown area or attractions on the highway,” he muses. “Because several of the artists on the street open up their homes, it’s a chance for tourists to see interiors that are not normally open to the public.

“Many of the artists return each year to the same spot and have built a collector base who expect to see them at the Walk,” Taylor says. “It’s a joy to see folks who attended some early Walks as children return each year now as adults. Many do so with their children.

“And many of those adults are now artists, and I hope that the Walk was one of the things that encouraged them to pursue that career,” he adds. “I think every child loves art, and what better place to see art and meet artists than on the annual White Street Walk?”

“Rosie Rose is showing her beautiful creations on my front porch,” affirms Springer. “Her mom and dad — both artists — brought her to my home/studio when she was in grammar school!”

“I attended White Street my first year in town,” says artist Leon Willis, who will show his work in front of the old fire station next door to Taylor’s home. “At the time, it was the only way I could be around other artists and art collectors. It gave me hope as an artist just starting out. And gave me the opportunity to establish connections in the Eurekan art world.

“I don’t know much about the state of the art world outside of Eureka Springs,” Willis adds. “But it seems like there aren’t very many avenues for young artists to establish themselves. Which is why I’m so grateful we have White Street and May Festival of the Arts and Brews to keep art alive in Eureka!”

“For many years, Eureka Springs has been known as an arts destination, and I think that reputation is even more true today,” Taylor says. “Many new galleries have opened, and art events and receptions are happening year-round. The town is home to the prestigious Eureka Springs School of the Arts, the nationally known Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, and Opera in the Ozarks, which will soon have a new state-of-the-art facility. All those things draw art lovers to our village.

“I should add that approximately one-quarter of the town’s residents are artists,” Taylor puts in, “and that doesn’t happen in many towns. I’m constantly meeting new residents in town who are artists by profession!”

“White Street seems to be a heartbeat for art in Eureka Springs, and it invigorates art collectors to come to Eureka Springs to get our flavor of art,” Willis concludes. “White Street Walk … brings artists and art lovers together.”



White Street Walk

WHAT — A chance to visit with and purchase from some 40 artists set up along White Street.

WHEN — 4-10 p.m. May 17

WHERE — White Street in Eureka Springs

COST — Admission is free; art will be for sale

INFO — Email zeektaylorart@gmail.com



Other Artists

Among the other artists showing at the White Street Walk are Mark Hughes, Gina Gallina, Rosie Rose, Sandra Spotts, Chadd Wilson, Barbara Kennedy and Maureen Daily.

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