Showcase Feb. 23 at Momentary introduces hip-hop heavy hitters

Showcase Feb. 23 at Momentary introduces hip-hop heavy hitters

While cold weather keeps the Momentary Green quiet, the beat goes on in Rode House this month.

“For the first time in Northwest Arkansas history, a major venue is hosting a showcase consisting entirely of local underground rap and R&B artists all under the age of 25. With this showcase, we’re very excited to show Northwest Arkansas who the key players in their next generation of music are,” says Preston Poindexter, local event producer, booking agent and art business consultant behind the showcase of local and regional hip-hop heavyweights who will perform Feb. 23.

From Northwest Arkansas, 3DeadIdols and Avian Alia will perform.

“3DeadIdols is a one-of-a-kind performer with a notably darker sound than our region is used to,” Poindexter says. “With cosigns from local icons Baang and Jasper Logan, many have called him the new front-runner for our local rap scene.”

Alia is a lyrical and vocal powerhouse, someone he says has been called the “Hardest out of AR.”

“She’s a very near and dear friend of mine and one of the most passionate humans I’ve ever met, so it’s always an honor to work alongside her.”

From Missouri, DK Star God brings his dark, synthwave with heavy beats and a rapid flow.

“I’ve never seen anyone perform with the same level of energy and bravado. Anyone who’s a fan of Playboi Carti would feel right at home at his set,” Poindexter says.

Up-and-comer Lydia Newsom, another artist from Missouri, will bring a blend of alternative rock and R&B to the hip-hop showcase.

Poindexter hopes this showcase inspires other hip-hop artists to share their craft.

“This show is a testament to how open-minded this community truly is,” he says. “From a professional standpoint, not only is this a showcase, but it’s an unrivaled networking opportunity. Music brings people together, that much we know, but with this show, fans and investors in this sound and culture will all have a place to convene for the first time.”

He hopes anyone interested in local hip-hop sticks around and mingles between sets and after the show.

“No industry runs on isolation, and the music industry is especially guilty of believing otherwise. If you want to meet new performers, music producers, event promoters, or anyone else who does something in these fields, the meet and greet is the best place to be,” he says.

“More than anything else, I want people to see these artists pouring their hearts out and say, ‘I can do that,’” he concludes. “Furthermore, I want this showcase to inspire not only the people in our neighborhood but everyone in the Midwest. Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas are criminally underrated in their musical offerings, but that all changes with showcases like this.”



Hip-Hop Showcase:

3DeadIdols, Avian Alia, Lydia Newsom & DK Star God

WHEN — 8 p.m. Feb 23

WHERE — The Momentary in Bentonville

COST — $16-$20 general admission; $10 for students




4×4: Avian Alia

Q. What do you have planned for this show?

A. During this show I plan to showcase my musicality. Some of my songs I will be singing, others I will be rapping, and I just plan to give the people a good time and touch at least one person in the crowd.

Q. You have some other local shows coming up. Can you share those dates?

A. I have a show at 7 p.m. Feb. 29 at Six-Twelve Coffeehouse and Bar in Fayetteville.

Q. What do you have in store once the weather warms up? Any new music or other artistic plans?

A. I plan to do some traveling while taking up musical ventures in different states. I am currently working on some new music that I’m hoping to drop within the next couple of months, and my plan for 2024 is to drop more visuals.

Q. Where is the best place for people to keep up with you.

A. I am most active on Instagram @avianalia. I also have a website that I update with my happenings and new music.

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