Six Minutes, Six Questions – Pokey LaFarge

Six Minutes, Six Questions – Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge will headline this year’s Ozark Original Folk Festival in Eureka Springs. He will perform with Hot Club of Cowtown at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 12 at The Aud, 36 S. Main St. Tickets are $29-$39 at

Q. As someone who lists themselves first as a Christ-follower, can you speak a little bit about how your music is an expression of that?

A. Writing, singing, recording and performing music is a gift, an anointing that God has put on my life. Therefore it’s out of obedience to that calling that I persevere in music, which you could call my ministry. Now, songs like “F Me Up,” which I wrote long before I was believer, I regret is still out there, though I do not perform it, but God, being in the redemption business, is changing everything about me — the way I write, sing and perform. Continuing in the anointing God has on my life is one way I can praise Him.

Q. In that same vein, in what ways do you think music from the church shaped folk music?

Communities used to be more centered around their churches, where music was played and sung, so I suppose it was natural that it would extend out from their into both spiritual and secular ways.

Q. While it’s pretty obvious the ways in which small town life inspires folk music, I’m wondering in what ways do you think big cities — such as LA — inspire folk music nowadays?

A. As an extension of your previous question I would say folk music is now influenced more by modern secular society. While not so much influenced by the church community, it’s still greatly influenced by older music as well, which of course was more church influenced. Now that we have access to all the music we could ever want to listen to, both past and present, it makes for a very colorful combination. Now, me personally, as a Christian, I don’t have to sing about Jesus for it to be about Jesus. Just like much older gospel could to some people sound salacious. Heart posture and intention are everything. Furthermore, it is important not to lose the poetry in our message. Just read the Psalms for instance.

Q. What is it about those old sounds and the look that inspires you?

A. Past or present, to me it’s always been and always will be about the following: organic, original, honest, beautiful, quality, timeless art.

Q. The name “Pokey” seems a little ironic for how prolific you’ve been over the years. Can you talk a little bit about how you got that nickname?

A. Just an old hobo name I had come up with.

Q. What’s next for Pokey Lafarge? Is there a new album on the horizon? Do you tour with that cool masked band from the “Fine To Me” video?

A. Currently writing a new record to be recorded early next year. Currently touring with four dudes that hail from California.



75th Annual

Original Ozark Folk Festival

WHEN — Nov. 10-12

WHERE — The Aud, 36 S. Main St. in Eureka Springs

COST — The Folk Faire is free; headliners are ticketed events


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