Filling Life With Light

Filling Life With Light

Rituals banish negativity from home and self

Wisdom of Wicca

In this column, I am touching on a subject that may be a bit difficult to read and understand. (Note that I am always available if you have any questions or concerns.) One of my most commonly asked questions is: “How do I get rid of a negative entity in my home or one that is attached to me?”

This is one of the casting and calling rituals that I have written and used to remove such negativity as does not serve my greater good and comes as a threat. You do not have to call upon these specific deities; this is just an example as to what to do. Ares, Medusa, Tyr and many others are a wonderful source of protection.

The most important thing to remember is to not show fear, because negative entities do grow and feed off of that energy.

This is what you need to do:

Open windows in your home and start by surrounding yourself with white light, then root yourself. You can do this by pulling a golden energy light from the atmosphere into your crown. This golden energy is called chi or “universal energy.” Everyone and everything runs on and is made of this energy. Imagine the chi flowing from the top of your head through your entire body — head, fingers, toes, everything. From there visualize roots from the bottom of your feet going down to the core of the earth. This is called rooting to cleanse yourself. Allow that golden chi to flow from you and out of the roots into the center of the earth. Repeat something in your own words along the lines of “I give my energy to the earth for filtering and cleansing. I am doing this for my greater good. Let this energy in my body become mine and mine alone and cleanse me of what is no longer helping me for the greater good. I feed the earth for cleansing.” Allow the chi to continue to flow to the center of the earth and visualize your body and roots becoming your own energy. From there, open each chakra from root to crown. Then surround everyone in your home in a ball of white light.

What I am about to tell you is a very powerful protection and manifestation calling for Archangel Michael and Saint Germain. Again, you can seek help from other deities you are connected to; you are not limited.

Light some white sage and lavender smudge sticks. Smudge your aura. Breathe in and show no fear. Continue to surround yourself and everyone in your home with pure white light. Visualize platinum pyramids in every room and closet of your home. These are beacons for the protection energy of Micheal and the energy of the violet flame Saint Germain keeps. Visualize one large one over your home that sends a beam of pure white light into the sky and endlessly keeps going to the highest of vibrations. From there do the same with all of the other platinum pyramids you visualized.

Then say something in your own words along the lines of “I am doing this for my greater good, my family’s greater good and the greater good of my children (if you have them). I call upon the protector Archangel Micheal and Saint Germain the keeper of the violet flame to cast out everything in myself, my family, home and children that is no longer doing any good for our well being and greater good. I call upon Archangel Michael and Saint Germain to cast out negative energies in my home, and those energies and entities are no longer welcome in my home. My home is a sacred space of light and sacred it should remain. I rebuke you now.”

From there, fill those pyramids with the navy blue protection light of Micheal and the violet light of the violet flame. Fill your home and everyone in it with those lights and pure white light. Feel the negative leaving. Send the navy and violet lights into the sky with the white of the pyramids and allow pure white light to fill your entire home. When finished, remember to thank Micheal and Saint Germain.

Put salt on every window sill and doorway, end to end, making sure there are no breaks. If there are breaks, the negative can come back in. Then smudge every room and closet with the white sage and lavender.

It’s OK to repeat this ritual if necessary until whatever negative entity that is there is gone.

Raven Ebonywing serves as the Microsoft Teams events coordinator for Aquarian Tabernacle Church International. She is a second-year student at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary and student of Lady Belladonna Laveau. She also serves as the high priestess in the WISE tradition of Creation’s Grimoire Church of Wicca in Bentonville and is a member of the Benton County Interfaith Alliance. Email her at

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