A Little Help From Another Mom

A Little Help From Another Mom

Bastet — and two kittens — bring comfort to family

Wisdom of Wicca

Last night, we were gifted two black kittens, which we named Lucifer and Icarus. The cat my son had originally connected to and befriended was the neighbor’s, so I decided to reach out to a Northwest Arkansas pet rehoming group. As my children slept with these newfound family members, I had a brief connection to Bastet — one I have not had before this. Bastet is the Kemet goddess of protection and health. She is an animal deity depicted as tall and slender, with the head of a cat.

Noah snuggles with two new black kittens — and finds peace. (Courtesy Photo/Raven Ebonywing)

I do not usually resonate with Kemet, as my path has not yet fully led in that direction — probably given my Nordic and Scottish Celtic ancestry. But something changed last night when I saw my sleeping 6-year-old snuggled in our chakra altar space, now set up for the heart chakra. He was sound, meditative in his dreamspace, with both kittens snuggled closely to him. Before getting up to take a photo, I was lying with him, because he was restless and had a rough night emotionally. Noah was riddled with anxiety and self-doubt, something I imagine was awful for such a small child to go through at 3 a.m. In that small moment, Bastet came to mind as I was looking down at Lucifer and Icarus with Noah. A feeling of relief came to my chest, I knew my son was OK, and I felt it was OK for me to get some sleep if I had him rest in the greenspace of the Heart Chakra. Of course with these kittens.

I was tired, emotional myself from lack of sleep, and guiding my son through late-night moon prayers, affirmations with gratitudes, to help ease his mind. This process took some time, but Bastet reached out with her warm hands and let me know she was a mother herself, to Mihos. She let me know not to worry about my little, she was with him.

This being said, cats are very protective of their young. When motherhood and a protection deity are combined, that energy is an unstoppable forcefield. I learned today that Bastet claimed Noah as her own, and this was nothing more than Goddess protecting her child. I know now I can turn to Bastet with my insecurities as a mother. She understands the struggles of being a mother, and She takes these to heart with open arms. For her love, protection and healing, I am ever in gratitude. She allowed me to sleep and heal myself so I may take care of my children, too.

Hail Bastet!

Raven Ebonywing serves as the Microsoft Teams events coordinator for Aquarian Tabernacle Church International. She is a second-year student at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary and student of Lady Belladonna Laveau. She also serves as the high priestess in the WISE tradition of Creation’s Grimoire Church of Wicca in Bentonville and is a member of the Benton County Interfaith Alliance. Email her at CreationsGrimoire@gmail.com.

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