Signs & Festivals, Eclipses & Retrogrades

The last half of May, under mutable Gemini Sun, is busy – two festivals, two retrogrades, a lunar eclipse and a full moon (Festival of Humanity & of Goodwill, when the Forces of Reconstruction stream into the Earth).

To begin things, the Sun enters Gemini Thursday, May 20. The energies shift from Taurus earth to Gemini air, and everyone begins to talk all of a sudden and all at once.

Sunday, May 23,is Pentecost, a perfect Gemini festival. Pentecost is the Christian Festival (reflecting last week’s Jewish festival of Shavuot/Harvest Festival) of “Fiery Tongues,” or the descent of the Holy Spirit (Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence) into the minds of humanity. The story in the bible describes “a great wind heard as tongues of fire” appeared above the heads of Christ’s disciples and they began to understand all languages, especially the language of the heart.

Saturn retrogradeson Pentecost, at 13.31 degrees Aquarius, Saturn is time, so with Saturn retrograde, our sense of time shifts. Saturn is also, skin, bones, teeth, inner and outer structures. Retrogrades turn things inside out, upside down. We turn inward, assess time, asking the question “What is time?” Everyone’s late during retrogrades. Saturn is structure and discipline. We assess our structures, ask if we are disciplined enough. Saturn is retrograde until Oct. 10th.

May’s full moon(5.26 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius) brings us the Goodwill Festival of Humanity. Occurring Wednesday, May 26th, the full moon is also a lunar eclipse (something in form and matter disappears). This festival sits squarely on the ascendant of the U.S. Gemini rising chart and Uranus (radical, revelatory & revolutionary change ahead). We know by now that our country has and will continue to transform. We will not be returning to “normal.” For the new era of Aquarius is here and Uranus rules Aquarius and the United states has Aquarius moon. We are to be about change, too. The lunar eclipse makes sure that which is no longer needed simply falls to the wayside.

Mercury retrogrades Saturday, May 29that 25 degrees Gemini. We all know by now what to do. Love, Risa

ARIES: Your daily life and agendas will shift and you will be called to adapt and change. For many months what has been internal in terms of daily work, service, and health soon emerges into the light of day. New tasks and tools become available, new disciplines, structures, order and organization will be more apparent and you step out of the shadows into a new set of parameters that you will create. Then community calls.

TAURUS: Expressing yourself becomes most important. You’ve had many months to develop ideas, visions, plans and the architecture of the coming new era. The foundation has been formed in the etheric (template for form and matter). In the coming months there will be opportunities to finally create what you know is needed for the coming next cycle of life. Help is forthcoming. Impressions and visions will be given.

GEMINI: It’s an important time to be very aware and present for your foundations will shift into new dimensions, along with your domestic and deeply personal life. Everything will seem to require work, meaning issues unable to be resolved will now have that capability. You will face the past and complete it. Everything, including daily contacts will be reorganized. Many years’ experiences are culminating. What will you draw on your blank canvas?

CANCER: There’s been much inward preparation in the past many months. Now you begin several years of outward operations on a day-to-day level. The changes begin in your thinking so that all mental patterns, habits, and how you listen to others are restructured. You both expand and contract and everything in your environment will be affected by your thoughts and beliefs. Greater understanding will be called for.

LEO: You’ll consider what is truly important to you and figure out how to live on your own terms based upon your own values. But first you need to know what your values are. Not simply things in form and matter but also your spiritual, psychological, ethical and moral value system. Whatever keeps you from discovering your values will be removed from your life. This is an important phase. Work hard to keep things simple and economical with just a touch of gold.

VIRGO: For the last many many years you’ve focused outwardly, developing interactions with others – a vital developmental stage. You’ve gathered vast information about people and the external world. Now you’ll turn inward and that which was gathered (experiences and events) will be used to restructure who you will be in the future. Themes for the next few years will be introspection, contemplation, reflection and inward pondering.

LIBRA: If things, events, people, aspects of your life and even your professional positions (jobs) have disappeared it’s because new action, events, people, work and realities are about to appear. The past few years have been years of cleaning, clearing and completing. When things in our lives are no longer useful for our growth and evolution, they dissolve away. Are you sad? Do you feel your life isn’t as it should be? Know that it’s actually perfect. Expect surprises.

SCORPIO: A level of integration is being called forth from you – your individual self must embrace group experience and expression. You are not to be an individual star shining bright and solitary but must begin to shine as part of a group. You’ll be required to cooperate more, become a coworker, assuming new responsibilities. You’ll be challenged and there will be demands on your time. Actually this is what you have silently wished for. It’s here now. Enjoy it. You succeed now only through a group.

SAGITTARIUS: So many many years ago you began a process of growth, which is being harvested now. Those years were preparatory to this time before the new being. Know that you have prepared well. Amidst all your play in the field of the Lord, you were very disciplined. You will soon assume new and different responsibilities. A new reflective time is coming along with a new state of leadership. Perhaps you are unaware of this. Perhaps you feel you don’t care for leadership. It will, however, lead to great(er) achievement.

CAPRICORN: Your efforts are bearing fruit, a level of your life is peaking, your ambitions are stabilizing as you work and play within the rules of the game as all Capricorns do. However, you are also slightly unusual, very unique and a bit of a revolutionary. Notice how spirituality and religion are becoming more important along with philosophical and creative ideas. You balance very well you private and public lives. More tests will come. You will pass with flying colors. Are you writing yet?

AQUARIUS: There is a continued focus on possessions, finances and values. You also come into contact and awareness of what others value. This information will need to be integrated into your life in constructive and not conflictual ways. It is time to be in a position where you assess how you want your future life to be. What do you need and want? Create your manifestation journal, write n it daily. All that we ask for is given, in the most perfect timing. The cosmos is practical.

PISCES: You are more than ever realizing what you can and cannot do. Be mindful that you must do your very best at every task, with every encounter, and in all relationships. This will bring balance at a time when imbalance seems to dominate. Careful with relationships. Do not expect from the other more than they can give. You are redefining yourself after many years of preparation. Pay attention to your health. Pay attention to those who love you, too.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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