Four Festivals, Seeds of the New World Religion

Four spiritual festivals converge this weekend – Passover, Palm Sunday, Holi, the Hindu Spring Festival and the Aries solar Festival (full moon). The Tibetan in the Alice Bailey blue books, informs us that when the many different religious festivals occur together, it is a sign that the new Aquarian world religion is unfolding.

Saturday’s Passover (Pesach) is the festival of remembering when the Jewish people left the slavery in Egypt (left the Taurus Age) and began their long forty-year walk in the desert (for purification) , eventually entering Canaan, (Aries Age of the Law, the Ten Commandments). Passover begins Saturday evening at the sign of the first star.

Sundayis Palm Sunday, the Catholic festival of Christ completing His forty days and nights in the desert (note the number 40 in both stories). Palm Sundaybegins Holy or Passion Week. Palms (symbolizing peace, victory, respect) were waved, heralding the Messiah, the Promised One. In our days now, we await His return, the precipitation of the Aquarian Teacher to begin in 2025.

Sundayis also Holi, the joyful Hindu Spring Festival symbolizing good over evil. It is also the full moon, the esoteric Aries Spring Resurrection Festival, the first of the Three Spring Festivals, setting the spiritual template for the year.

The Aries solar festival (8 degrees Aries) is Spring’s first full moon. The Aries festival celebrates new life spring forth, the Easter festival. It is also about the Love of God and the Hierarchy for humanity. All during Aries, the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection flow into the Earth, offering humanity a new “livingness”; restoringhumanity’s morals and morale, optimism and psychological health. They assist in the appearance of the new Aquarian culture and civilization with the new “Spiritual Materialism” (Age of Sharing). These great Forces bring about a new hope and vision for humanity, so the new world unfolds under the direction of the stars in Aquarius. Join us in this festival, everyone!

ARIES: Everything changed for you when the Sun entered Aries. Your energy lifted and became more available. You were no longer drowning in the waters of Pisces. You feel more impatient now, wanting to move forward, engage in new enterprises, make new impressions in the world. You might feel the need to assume leadership over everyone and everything. Careful. Be kind. Be a gracious and benevolent leader, and understand you move and think more quickly than others. Always have love.

TAURUS: You tell everyone you’d rather remain at home and research and not go out and about for a long long time. You want to catch up on tasks not tended to the past many years. Needing to maintain reserves of energy to get through each day, you need privacy and long solitary walks. Many previously learned behaviors may arise. Observe them. Consider, are they useful? If not, eliminate them. You may dream more. Record all dreams. Over time they tell you a story.

GEMINI: You need to recite mantrams and positive affiliations, as well as sharing with groups of friends, seeking their cooperation in either working on a project with you or listening to you with care and intention so you can clarify your thinking. If leading a group, mentor them in cooperation, organize them as a team to achieve a particular goal. Ask each member their hopes, wishes, dreams and aspirations for the future. You’re achieving Aquarian goals, guiding people to ack with intelligence and benevolence.

CANCER: You want to be recognized for your knowledge, abilities, and what you accomplish each day. It’s good to want this recognition for it stimulates your ability to share and provide information to others. Many are in need of real and true information. You always ask the question, “What is real and true?”When we ask, the answers are always given. For those seeking new work or a profession, after mid-May it’s easier to step forward into the world. It is waiting for you.

LEO: You may feel a longing for things far from your usual life and ways of living. Other cultures, people, places and things are summoning you in subtle persistent ways. We have been hidden away for a year now. So, you’re restless for new realities, new journeys, a new adventure. You need new activities, conversations, goals, new subjects to study. An outer fire blends with your inner Leo fire. Everything you seek will appear. Careful with legal issues. Cultivate patience.

VIRGO: You may be called to be more helpful and cooperative and it may be a challenge. But you can do this. Relationships will actually be the challenge, possibley due to confusion, activating a wound. It may be good to consult with someone concerning how to accommodate more easily and settle differences and how to allow everyone to be heard. Careful with impatience and ending things too quickly. Reconcile with those you have had differences. It’s always good to love more.

LIBRA: Life seems to be accelerating, moving faster each day. Sometimes those around you move too quickly and you feel left behind. Perhaps you’re working too hard and too long. Even though you may have abundant energy, tend to your health making this an important priority and a consistent daily practice. Careful with inflammation and infections, too. Begin to slow down on grains and sweets. Eat apples and drink celery juice in the morning. Be calm with co-workers.

SCORPIO: Intimacy is important for you at this time. There are many types of intimacy – from friendship to lovers, intimacy of the mind, the heart, and physical intimacy. Things held in common with another is an intimacy. Knowing your values is an intimate level concerning the self. Sometimes, intimacies end and new intimacies begins. Both affect you deeply. Be aware of your subtle and hidden feelings. Realize what you need. Ask for it. Intimates will respond with care.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s so much energy flowing through your body and mind you simply can’t seem to slow down and you think perhaps you have no self-discipline. Use and direct the unbounded energy for creative activities. You could also take up a sport and/or find children, or those who are child-like, to play with. Romantic things are good too and your love life may call forth a deeper level of passion. Make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t risk anything taking changes. Do play (innocently) more. Reveal yourself more, too. It has unsuspecting consequences.

CAPRICORN: Much of your energy is focused at home or where your domestic self resides. You’re highly instinctual at this time and protective. It’s important that you feel secure because you are called to make important decisions concerning family and the home. When feeling unusually moody or frustrated tend to home repairs and re-arrange family activities. Step back if arguments begin. Old emotional issues may resurface. They’ve arrived for review. Soothe them with prayers. Then they disappear.

AQUARIUS: So many ideas and plans on your mind that you feel a bit overwhelmed and scattered and so you try to share these ideas with others but so many errands and tasks come in between you and sharing with others that you feel frustrated and arguments may develop if you’re not careful. Realizing you could feel impatient and impulsive, be careful driving and when using machinery, scissors or knives (while cooking). Your inventive original mind slowly reveals your future. You adapt to all the changes around you with skill and humor.

PISCES: As the new spiritual and astrological year begins, it’s good to create a new journal of values (past, present and future) and aspirations). Draw in your journal too and paste in images. We can ascertain true values by deciding what we need. Tend to monetary issues – bank accounts, taxes, insurance, inheritances, precious metals, etc. With Venus in Aries, money, values and resources need close attention. Don’t impulse buy. It’s important also, to acknowledge your value and worth. What about yourself do you value?

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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