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Family Friendly

Art Takes No Days Off At Community Creative Center

LARA JO HIGHTOWER Community Creative Center Executive Director Barb Putman says the organization had a few different reasons for developing its new “Take n’ Make” kits — art boxes


Art In 30-Second Increments

INVERSE Challenge prompts creatives to share BECCA MARTIN-BROWN It’s a question Cynthia Post Hunt has been asked all her professional life — and she was asking it before she

Male Call

House shoes or socks?

Q. During these days of “staying home,” I have been going out once each day for a walk as exercise. When I return, I’ve been told I should leave my

In The News

Good News, Bad News

APT still plans ‘Meteor Shower’; ACO cancels summer musical BECCA MARTIN-BROWN In the world of Northwest Arkansas arts, there’s good news, bad news and no news yet. APT The

Cover Story

In Stitches

Artists sew their souls into Fenix exhibit BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Although there was some occasional sewing and embroidering on the leaves of her family tree, Erin Lorenzen was inspired to


Six Minutes, Six Questions — Yakov Smirnoff

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Comic Yakov Smirnoff will help reopen Branson with a new show starting May 22. Titled “Laughter Rx FDA Approved,” it makes reference to the fact that Smirnoff

Advice Goddess

Smells Like Quarantine Spirit and Trial By Fireworks

Smells Like Quarantine Spirit I started seeing a guy right before quarantine. In fact, we’ve broken quarantine a lot to be together at his place. I really like him, but

Making Ripples

Be Kind To Turtles

Don’t paint them, don’t take them and don’t hurt them AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples World Turtle Day is May 23, and this is a perfect time to learn about our

Risa's Astrology

Retrogrades: A Magical Time

Last week three major planets reversed their direction. Saturn (in Aquarius), Venus (in Gemini) and Jupiter (in Capricorn). Retrogrades turn us inward to assess, reflect and to inquire deeply about