In Stitches

In Stitches

Artists sew their souls into Fenix exhibit


Although there was some occasional sewing and embroidering on the leaves of her family tree, Erin Lorenzen was inspired to make things out of fiber “by necessity,” she says.

“My undergraduate concentration areas were ceramics, sculpture and painting,” the Little Rock native explains. “But, shortly after graduation, I moved to Buenos Aires and needed to find a way to work that was more transportable. I started working with silkscreens and soft sculptures there and was able to pack them up and bring them home to stretch, stuff, paint and complete as needed.

‘Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’
Dani Ives

“I love to see traditional ways of creating with fiber turned in a new direction,” she adds, and now that she’s living in Fayetteville, her vision explains the artists she selected as curator for “Sewn In.” The showcase of 22 contemporary fiber artists opened March 5 at Fenix Fayetteville — and closed almost immediately due to covid-19 concerns.

“I definitely did not imagine that we would all actually be sewn into our homes when I titled this show,” Lorenzen says. “We have been posting a bio for each artist on our social media outlets, [so] hopefully folks are learning a bit more about each artist and the inspirations for their work in that way. Each artist both embraces the tradition of the fiber arts and pushes the tradition forward, pushing the boundaries of the medium in their own way.

“We hope that this can provide some inspiration for others to do the same as they are spending more time at home, surrounded by their own histories and traditions.”

‘Domestic Warrior’
Suzannah Shreckhise

A virtual tour and some virtual fiber-based activities for folks to do at home will be posted later this month on the artist cooperative’s website at, Lorenzen says, and “we will be adding more activities throughout the summer months.

“Some of the activities will be shared from artists’ home studios,” she adds. “This is an interesting time where we are all opening up our homes a bit and sharing our behind-the-scenes lives with people more. Hopefully, inviting each other into our home studios can foster some of the connection that we all need during these uncertain times.”

Here, readers can meet some of the artists, “so that people may become familiar with their work in anticipation of the show’s reopening,” says gallery spokeswoman Jeanne Parham.

‘All The Soarings Of My Mind Begin In My Blood’
Danielle Hatch


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‘Sewn In’



Fenix Fayetteville

Questions about the gallery’s reopening may be directed to or 484-767-2475. Fenix Fayetteville is located just off the square at 16 W. Center St. in Fayetteville.

‘About Being’
Ziba Rajabi

“Everything Is Available,” embroidery and acrylic on bedsheet and yoga mats by Erin Lorenzen, is among works on show at Fenix Fayetteville during an exhibit titled “Sewn In.”
(Courtesy Image)

‘How To Make A Square Pillow’
Kimberly Kwee

‘Piece Work: Punto a Reticella’
Holly Laws

‘Driveway Series’
Britynn Davis

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